Obama administration loosens funding ban for advocates of prostitution, trafficking

The Obama administration has loosened a ban on international aid to organizations that support prostitution or sex trafficking, the National Catholic Register reports. Under the new policy, an organization receiving United States funds may have an “affiliated entity” that advocates for prositution and sex trafficking.

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Obama supporters: Happy now?

Out of all the things I knew Obama would do, I never knew this would happen…:mad: Can’t wait till 2012!

You DIDN’T? Surprise, surprise!

He is well on his way to destroying this country. Never forget that his first act as president was to lift the ban on funding overseas abortions with OUR tax dollars.

I have lived thru many presidents and I have never seen anything like what this one is doing to our Country. I think its time to get down on our knees and pray, God help us, God Bless us and America. Memaw

Oh brother. :rolleyes:

There doesn’t seem to be much information on what exact change was made. Even the lengthy National Catholic Register article skirts the matter. Apparently, it has to do with a provision in PEPFAR, the major US funding program to fight HIV/AIDS. That program had a provisions which said: “no funds made available to carry out this Act, or any amendment made by this Act, may be used to provide assistance to any group or organization that does not have a policy explicitly opposing prostitution and sex trafficking.”

This “Prostitution Loyalty Oath” has been widely criticized by non-governmental organizations involved in fighting HIV because, guess what, many of the people affected by HIV in Africa and Asia are prostitutes. The provision has deterred many groups and even countries from accepting money under this program for fear that it will interfere in their outreach to prostitutes, leaving them vulnerable to a very nasty, and fatal, disease.

Now, exactly how that PEPFAR rule has been relaxed is not clear. The NCR article doesn’t say, nor does Rep. Smith’s statement. Instead, there is a lot of vague and overblown rumblings about the dangers of human trafficking and prostitution. Rep. Smith even goes so far as to say wacky things like anti-HIV organizations will coach pimps and brothel owners on ways to find legal cover.

To be sure, human trafficking is a major evil and rightly an important concern for the US government. But the articles cited do not offer any reason to think that the changes in the PEPFAR language (whatever changes those might be) will be promoting human trafficking. If there is good reason to think that human trafficking will increase because of the change in the PEPFAR language, it should be discussed. But the articles cited do not provide that discussion.

Oh brother. :rolleyes:


There seems to be at least one on every thread., God Bless, Memaw

Not true. It was early on, but it was not his first act.

Must we split hairs??

If you’re going to bluster, bluster accurately.

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