Obama administration targets Catholic teaching with HHS mandate, Washington lawsuit charges

In a lawsuit challenging the contraceptive mandate, the Archdiocese of Washington, DC, argues that the Obama administration has pursued a “conscious political strategy to marginalize and delegitimize” Catholic teaching.Catholic Culture

Thanks so much. I heard this on the Son Rise Morning Show, and wanted to read up on it, but couldn’t find any sources.

This really calls it what it is.

The intolerance is inexplicable. More and more, it appears that the real motive might be religious discrimination and a hatred for the Faith.

There is no reason to include contraceptives in the mandate…their availability is already provided for, and is incredibly ubiquitous.

Anyone who has an income of 200% of the poverty level or under qualifies for free contraceptives from Planned Parenthood.ehow.com/how_6885908_do-birth-control-insurance_.html For 2013, this includes any single person who makes $23,000 or less. For a family of three, it would be $40,000 or less …here’s the chart:aspe.hhs.gov/poverty/13poverty.cfm

Those who have incomes above 2X the poverty level can get greatly reduced-price contraceptives for between $10-20 per month.


Even for teens (compliments of Health and Human Services) (click through to page 11):hhs.gov/ash/oah/oah-initiatives/teen_pregnancy/training/Assests/improvingteen_access.pdf

Why? Because minors have a “right” to birth control(click to p. 12):hhs.gov/ash/oah/oah-
and p. 14:

And , again, it’s free or very low cost( p. 21):hhs.gov/ash/oah/oah-initiatives/teen_pregnancy/training/Assests/improvingteen_access.pdf

Why does the mandate insist on covering something that is already “covered”?

Kathleen Sebelius

For example,” the archdiocese says, "at a NARAL Pro-Choice America fundraiser, Defendant Sebelius stated: ‘Wouldn’t you think that people who want to reduce the number of abortions would champion the cause of widely affordable contraceptive services? Not so much.’” - See more at: cnsnews.com/news/article/terence-p-jeffrey/lawsuit-gov-t-engaged-conscious-political-strategy-marginalize-and#sthash.0cNFhbrf.dpuf

The contraceptive mentality is the cause of abortion. Why are there so many abortions in spite of the prevalence contraception? Where are so many more children born out of wedlock? Why are single women having multiple children out of wedlock?

BREAKING: Judge Refuses to Dismiss Case Challenging Obamacare Subsidies

Another lawsuit could cause the ACA to unravel

There are 74 lawsuits open right now over this. The HHS mandate is living on borrowed time.


You’re assuming, of course, that the American Legal system actually does its job for a change… I wouldn’t hold my breath.

I have noticed that Hobby Lobby has filed a Supreme Court action to determine the validity.
Hear is another problem. raylanfear.wordpress.com/2013/10/22/a-open-letter-to-pope-francis-on-the-response-to-the-world-on-the-atrocitie

That’s right. There is no guarantee that the U.S. Supreme Court will not take the position that Catholic doctrine is inherently discriminatory and must be suppressed. Goodbye, religious liberty.

You guys might want to check out the link and see how the legal proceedings are actually playing out. It’s looking like the HHS mandate is lving on borrowed time.

Here’s just one encouraging statement.

Last June the Christian-owned and operated business won a major victory before the en banc 10th Circuit Court of Appeals, which rejected the government’s argument that the Green family and their family-owned businesses, Hobby Lobby and a Christian bookstore chain named Mardel, could not legally exercise religion. The court further said the businesses were likely to win their challenge to the HHS mandate.

Don’t get too cynical yet.


Thanks for that; it’s reassuring. That stated; I still have approximately zero faith in the Supreme Court. We may have one Judge who still adhere’s to God’s law, but unfortunately there are a greater majority who don’t.

I really don’t find this surprising in the least. This administration almost seems to be evil. Perhaps this administration is evil. After all, they deliberately picked a high profile fight with the Catholic Church when they could have chose another option that would not have attacked our religious freedom. It is so sad that they chose instead to attack our religious freedom. I imagine that they did this because they wanted to ridicule the Catholic Church. :(:mad:

Might I suggest that the Church teaches what it teaches and follows the Pope in what he says: “Who am I to judge?” Judgement for actions will be made by God. The only way to avoid occasions of sin is to cut oneself off from the world, and that in itself might well be a sin. (How can you love your neighbour if you refuse to meet him/her.) So what am I saying, basically render to Caesar what is Caesars.


What does this mean in relation to the OP?

We are to live in this world, not be of it. We are called to spread the faith, not hide it in darkness.

Then we teach what Jesus taught, not what is politically correct within or outside the Church.

I do not know of a government that is not evil in one way or another. To suggest one is more evil than another is highly subjective. They are just evil in different ways. Take yourselves outside US politics and view your democracy from another perspective, it is not good, it is corrupt. But, it is of man so what do you expect. You are unlikely to get a man elected like Pope Francis, so you just have to suffer what you get. Worse than your politics is your media who corrupt the young. Prayer is the best way to change what is.

Valley of the shadow. Thought provoking, the USA has been blessed in many ways. There have been some very moral ethical men and women who have came along. In comparison the difference is in degree.

Course the OP shines a light in a area of the degree.

Yes, I pray for our country and our world every day. This does not mean we are not called to action. We need to educate our selves and vote. No government is pure, just as man is not. But there are some governments that are purely evil. This is not subjective except to Satan.

I truly believe our country is become more and more secular. Those in charge think they themselves can run the government without God’s help. This includes self-described Catholics like Nancy Pelosi, John Kerry, and Kathleen Sebelius. Obama claims he is Christian, but I see nothing but war against the practice of faith in the public square coming from him. His statements about science vs ideology remind me of the Atheist worldview.

The Catholic faith has become the only acceptable target of bigotry in this country.

The Obama administration picked a fight that never needed to be fought in the first place. They used Sandra Fluke to put one little moral stance in the public square. They marginalize the Catholic Church’s works in education, charity, healthcare, and world wide human rights.

This is what our Archbishop Carlson said out the situation in the US today:

I call upon each of you to join me and the Bishops of the United States in speaking out on this violation of religious freedom and conscience by contacting your U.S. Representatives and our U.S. Senators. Every Catholic has the responsibility to promote the dignity of human life and religious freedom. If we do not make our voices heard, no one else will. Let us work together to preserve the freedoms our forefathers established in our Constitution!

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