Obama allies exasperated as Democrats put his legacy on trial

Like some others, I think Obama was every bit as radical as, e.g., Elizabeth Warren or Bernie Sanders or Bill DeBlasio. He was just cautious in disclosing how far to the left he really was.

But it is still strange to see his policies attacked as not sufficiently radical by the leftists who now seem to be front and center in the Dem party. The lurch to the left sure didn’t take long.


he gave away the role of leader-of-the-world for globalization

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His Executive Order to ban abortion coverage by ACA was definitely not welcomed by the far left.

Undoubtedly for some, though I don’t understand why, since he was free to rescind it at any time; which he did by stealth at least to the extent of requiring religious orders to buy abortifacients. Obama did that in order to prevent adoption of the Stupak Amendment, which he couldn’t have rescinded.

Based on the view of the presidency then, as opposed to now, that dishonor would belong to President Trump, in my opinion. Leadership is not about bluster or strength. Few of the Democrats running could recapture this role though.

I have said. Today’s Democrats make Obama 2008 be a Republican. I am a Centrist but by today’s standard, I am a far right.

Lurch? I was thinking of when I was a kid and we would choose first at bat by holding a bat by the hand, then taking turns gripping one hand on top of another until the first one at the top wins first at bat. But now, the top of the bat is driving the country toward ruin. Regrettably, I see this also as what the Republicans did in 2016. We have forgotten our history, and what the first Republican president warned us of, that a house divided against itself cannot stand.

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The reason is that in all seriousness, Obama 2008 is far right Republican by todays Democratic Party. The New York Times posted about this, but I passed my limited views. This post was not perfect, because it was obvious the person writing it was leaning all the way left. That said, Republicans and Democrats where really close in 2008, then in 2012 Obama had taken the Democrats to the left, and by 2016 they where way off the chart by American standards. While Republicans actually moved a tiny bit to the left from 2008 to Trump 2016.

The Cages kids where placed on? Obama built that
Obama was called Deporter in chief.
Obama was strong on illegal immigration, which became a racist thing when Trump took over. You hear Obama 2008, you will see how close to Trump Obama was.

As I am often told here, we are to celebrate incrementalism in the fight against abortion.

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