Obama: Americans should 'reconcile themselves' to Trump presidency


“Look, the people have spoken. Donald Trump will be the next president, the 45th president of the United States. And it will be up to him to set up a team that he thinks will serve him well and reflect his policies. And those who didn’t vote for him have to recognize that that’s how democracy works. That’s how this system operates,” he said. “Whenever you have got an incoming president of the other side, particularly after a bitter election like this, it takes a while for people to reconcile themselves with that new reality. Hopefully, it’s a reminder that elections matter and voting counts.”



If anyone should know, it’s President Obama considering how long it took for some to reconcile themselves to him and his 2- term Presidency. And in his case, he even won both the popular vote and Electoral College. Twice.


So did Trump



No thank you Mr. President.

And it will be up to him to set up a team that he thinks will serve him well and reflect his policies.

This is exactly why I will not reconcile myself to this man, the people he aligns himself with and the policies that he wants to enact. Obama should know better, he may as well ask us to swallow vomit.


Your feelings mirror many. Trump himself is somewhat repugnant, but what really scares me about him are his surrogates and the people he’s putting in positions of power. VP who denies evolution and is vehemently anti-gay. Climate change denier for EPA head. White nationalist for special advisor to the president. A former NYC mayor as Secretary of State even though he’s got no foreign policy experience. RNC chair for Chief of Staff (this one really stumps me if Trump is supposed to be against the political establishment).


Well, at least Trump hasn’t aligned himself with George Soros or the Clintons.


I don’t know how old you are, but you may not realize that this is how our form of government works. Every 4 years, there is an election when the people have a choice to make. No one will die because of a new president and ideology. (Not counting all the hate groups that are currently raising havoc and destroying property in the most liberal cities in the country.) Normal people understand that the president in one part of the 3 branches of government. it is not the end of the world for those who disagree with the conservative movement, anymore than my world was ruined by 8 years of a liberal president. No need to panic. Peace.


The problem that people refuse to see is it is exactly the policies of the last 8 years that set things like this up. Politics in America is like a pendulum or driving on ice. If you pull too far, too quickly to the left there will be a violent correction to the right. The same goes for right to left corrections.

People keep saying the the “majority” supports Sec Clinton’s or President Obama’s vision. Well no. Most people are more moderate. Most people support some limits on abortion, but when a candidate says abortion up until delivery is okay, and the government should pay for it? There is going to be a point that people say “hold on”. The same with the gender/homosexual agenda for the last 4 years. Most people have no problems restricting bathrooms to biological (or atleast apparent) sex, but start pushing it to accept all or nothing and there will be pushback. Most support and opposition is soft for many of the most divisive issues in our country (i.e. it’s a good or bad idea, but not a hill to die on).

If we continue to see a polity that refuses any and all compromise then the country is doomed. This is not a Rebuplican or Democrat problem strictly speaking, but rather a process that allows ideologues to rule. Both parties have to own up to the fact that they push “otherness” (gun owners = murderers ; immigrants = vilolent criminals).

If Dems, Rebuplicans or any 3rd party hope to hold any longterm power they need to stop doing for themselves and accept that they represent more than the most fringe of their base. You want long term movement, then work across the aisle for agreement instead of constantly digging in your heels to score political points by doing nothing. How about we elect people that aren’t afraid to say “I got 30% for this half and 30% for this half” rather than “I lost it all because of my stiff neck, but at least I’m not a sell out”.

Mark 3:24 already told us our fate if we continue down this path “If a kingdom is divided against itself, that kingdom cannot stand.”

Unity does not occur without willingness to work together and respecting each other’s oppinions even if we disagree. Unity will never happen it it’s done at the point of the sword (or an executive or judicial pen as the case may be).


You mean like Donald Trump chose to lead the birthers.


I am sure glad he finally said something. Republican and moderate voters never blocked interstates when Obama won. Why can’t Liberals see this.


On that we can fully agree. Trump is clearly an overreaction by the right to what some saw as an overreaction by the left during the last 8 years. And you’re right, it highlights an increasing divide to the extremes for both parties. Problem is, how do you come back from that. Call for unity are going out, but given the fact Trump and his surrogate’s views are viewed as far right extreme, and even diametrically opposed to the views of many (even many center/left moderates not just the left fringe), how does the country pull back together? I mean this isn’t like 2000 when the divide between Gore and Bush really wasn’t that great. They were two sides of the same somewhat centerist coin (one center/left the other center/right). Clinton positioned herself and her campaign solidly in the left, and the other main contender was Sanders and his supporters on the far left. And Trump and his surrogates represent a further evolution of the far right Tea Party movement. The divide has never been greater…


Trump really isn’t “far right”. At least those who are pretty far to the right don’t think he is. Ted Cruz could maybe be called “far right”. But Trump? No.

It’s imaginable that Trump might trim the budget, in which case he would have some claim to being what passes nowadays as 'far right". And too, if he appoints Supreme Court justices who actually adhere to the Constitution, he might.


Weren’t the Clinton supporters here telling conservatives through the entire election that he wasn’t really a conservative? And now that he’s been elected he’s “far right”? :rotfl:


Honestly yes. If I overlook his campaign rhetoric and actions during the campaign and his words on a video about what he can get by with as a famous person, it is more for me too the people whom he surrounds himself with and who have his ear that scares me more than Donald Trump himself does.


To be fair, before the election he also wasn’t having the head of the RNC work as his chief of staff. Or selecting one of the heads of the Alt-Right movement as his special advisor. Or selecting a climate change denier as his EPA head. Or ramping up his pro-life rhetoric. I mean Pence was the most far right thing about him during his campaign as Pence is clearly far right on just about every issue. Trump’s own record was not nearly so far right, but it seems based on his personnel selections and stated policy positions that he very well may have had a drastic shift in position away from his limited record beyond what was believed by many leading up to the election.


We’ll see about the budget after giving all the tax cuts he is talking about from the top down and building a wall which he has now said not to worry about it if Mexico isn’t paying for it. Though it sounds now as if it might partially be just a fence. Rather than the most magnificent, beautiful, glorious wall he promised since the Great Wall of China.


Putting a lot of money into infrastructure is going to cost. He may be able to manage it a bit better then the ‘shovel ready’ stimulus efforts… but appears to be similar in concept.


Some posters seem to know the best policies to make America solvent and safe again, so why not run for president next time?

Also unless you are too young you wouldn’t know or understand that there is no longer a Democratic party. It has changed greatly over the years, JFK wouldn’t know that it was Democrat and he probably would be a Republican.

As far as these protesters or agitators, most are college and now high school age, they have been brainwashed since Kindergarten. They are now Socialist and most have no understanding of what that means.

If this type of behavior continues we will be like third world countries and have a dictator, which for the past 8 years have been set up for one.

It is so sad that the teachers/faculty are far left and their agenda is to brainwash their students. I worked at a university and that is exactly what they do. The faculty facilitate much of the unrest and protests. There is no real freedom of speech unless you are far left.

This is true, if anyone who fits this description can have an open mind watch these far left commentators and really watch their facial expressions, and that they always talk over the conservative and for whatever reason the moderator of the show never shuts off their mike so we can hear what the other person says.

I watched a show the other night and the far left person, named Richard, besides not making sense and talking over the other person, his facial expression was contorted and he looked evil.

I think that these actions are what many Americans see in the “Democrat” party today. It is a shame as in the past I voted for a Democrat before the party changed.

I would also say that many in the Republican party have become more like the older Democrats. One can say what they want about Trump, but I do believe he wants to clean up the establishment, but can’t just throw out them. He hopefully will bring in those who actually want the best for the country.



If he wants to get anything done, he must accept the roles of the folks he’ll be dealing with, majority and minority party leaders, heads of various committees etc. Just as they need to accept the US chose him to be president.

I think Reibus is a good choice in that he’ll be a good bridge between the GOP who don’t really like Trump, or even the idea of a non-politician in his role. If he can’t work with them, he won’t be able to get anything done- I think Reibus provides a better chance of cooperation.


good points!

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