Obama and Chinese president ratify landmark climate change agreement 'to save our planet'


Obama and Chinese president ratify landmark climate change agreement ‘to save our planet’ abcn.ws/2bT6ZFk


I doubt China will keep their side of the bargain. They aren’t well known for non-polluted cities. The air quality alone in Beijing is horrible. Items made in China are often contaminated with lead. None of this is good for the earth or us, the consumer.


Hopefully this all works out.


You think???

This is complete garbage. Back in the 1970’s there was the “threat of the ice age” followed by “Global Warming” in the 90’s and Al Gore’s ludicrous film “An Inconvenient Lie”.

They decided to call it “Climate Change” because climate always changes. It’s a logical statement that can’t be argued against.

Guess what the solutions to the above have always been? BIG GOVERNMENT AND TAXES.


Humans would destroy themselves before the climate change takes “hold” (whether it is global warming or global cooling, they’ve been so contradictory in the past century). Really, look at the Middle East. They’ll blow themselves up before it starts to become Antarctica there.

Note: I didn’t do it for scientific accuracy, I’m saying that Obama needs to get his priorities straight.


Exactly. He’s a liar like most of Washington so it’s a guarantee that this is all about making the State bigger and richer


It has such a nice ring to it: “to save our planet”. Doesn’t matter about the practicality, workability, or sincerity to it. It just sounds so great. I mean, who can against saving our planet??? :rolleyes:


And desperately trying to save his legacy with only a few months to go and so many things that were lies and half-truths up to this point to try and make people forget.


Maybe he is going for his second Nobel Peace Prize for doing nothing.


I wonder if China got as many loopholes - published and unpublished - as Iran did.


Pointless “agreement”.

Has zero validity.

President has no more authority than I have.


:thumbsup: I have not looked at the agreement they were proposing in a long while but back when I did, it gave China lots of leeway to pollute until they “catch up” economically with the West. The whole thing was designed around throttling back the 1st world and letting 2nd, 3rd world countries have all the growth.


President Obama performing another spiritual work of mercy.


Watch it get ignored by Congress.



Because it’s irrelevant and this won’t affect us? :shrug:


I really really hope so


I understand he switched his focus to climate change for a legacy
*]Healthcare? failed
*]Russia reset? failed
*]Middle East peace? failed
*]Economic recovery? failed
*]Race relations? failed
*]Global Warming?


I think we are actually getting global cooling.


Yes, but the social liberals will not go back on this because they have been propagating global warming for so long. I believe it, too, because you’ve seen the snowstorms (or heard of them on the news) that are more severe than in previous years.

Again, not a scientist or anything, but I’m sure climate science is politically motivated. It’s a tool.


Obama has high approval ratings.

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