Obama and the media deify abortionist and ignore slain soldier!

Keeping true to form Obama issued a statement of sorrow and regret over the killing of abortionist-devil, Dr. Tiller, and as of Wednesday eveing has said nothing of the terrorist murder of Army specialist, William Long, at a recruiting station in Arkansas by three black Muslims. The media, too, has spoken of “candle light vigils” being held for the baby butcher and have attempted to link his killing to the “terrorist Pro Life movement” as characterized by liberal lesbian MSNBC host, Rachel Maddow. There has been little or no coverage of the heinous cold blooded murder of Mr. Long, a 23 year old recruiter, and it has been further reported by the always reliable Fox News Network that Long’s killing was part of a larger terrorist plot by the Alcaida sympathizers. Terrorism is still the most profound worry of Americans but you would never know it by the lack of coverage of this horrible incident by the liberal left wing media. Instead we are hearing of what a “great man and husband” Tiller was and, not surprisingly, no mention was made of the 60.000 abortions and late term abortions Tiller personally performed over 30 years. Today, in the White House, Obama named a new military commandant in Afghanistan and could have made a statement of sorrow and regret over the murder of specialist Long, but he didn’t

Nobody should be surprised by this. As soon as Obama was declared the President elect the media started getting away from reporting on the number of deaths in Iraq. The number of people dieing in Iraq made Bush look bad. They didn’t want that to rub off on Obama.

Obama and the media deify abortionist and ignore slain soldier!


Come on, be realistic. Tiller had a national prominence, whether you liked what he did or not (which I didn’t). But his murder, like the murder of any celebrity, has national significance, especially since it is tied into the hot button issue of abortion.

The murders of these soldiers are horrific, and deserve attention. But ordinary people are murdered every day and we don’t expect the President of the US to comment on each and every atrocity.

Soldiers are not murdered every day in the states by muslim extremists.

Although I agree that Tiller was a higher profile individual - the murder of the two recruiters was infinately more than “ordinary”.

This “celebrity”, as you call him, and his national significance has the same level of importance as the execution of a condemned pedophile-murderer. It should have gotten two or three sentences on page four of section B of any newspaper. This president should have made an example of the horrible incident of private William Long’s murder by the black Muslim converts and its’ significance instead of running around on his “Apology Tour II” sucking up to the Muslim murderers in Arabia. But then Obama would never condemn his 'brothers" no matter how heinous their acts.

well said. thanks for making your points. after reading Obama’s Cairo speech, i definitely agree with your last statement.

I appreciate your disdain for Tiller. But that doesn’t take from his national significance.

You are right. The murders of the recruiters are acts of terrorism and deserve national attention.

No matter how you look at it, they both died for what they belive in.
On died with honor for his country, however and has my deepest respect.
The other, well I will pray for his lost soul.
This is what is truly important to me, not who the media and politics make hay with.

Exactly. Notice how the terminology has changed? Muslim EXTREMISTS not TERRORISTS. Oh yeah, that’s right, they’ve turned it around and labled PRO LIFE GROUPS TERRORISTS. Maybe that’s going to be an exclusive term for us now. They’ve “saved” the label “terrorists” for pro life groups to get to keep all by themselves! :mad:

Up is down and down is up.

i couldn’t even tell you the name of the recruiter that was killed and i try to keep up with the big news events of the day. other than hearing that it happened and seeing a picture of the perp, i don’t even know what the murder victim looks like or what his name is.

Every now and then I turn on the enemy cable stations (MSNBC, NBC, CNN, ABC, CBS)
Tto see how the “real” news is being protrayed and how accurate the portrayal is. I might add Fox News is my benchmark. On the MSNBC Rachel Maddow show (she the lesbian left wing host), Dr. Tiller was almost deified and she referred to the “pro life terrorists” that were responsible for Tiller’s death lumping all pro life organizations together as crazed zealots rather than describing his killer as an independent disturbed individual. So much for fair and even reporting by the networks. By the way, Fox News even regretted Tiller’s death and was the only station I heard that stated “he was personally responsible for 60,000 abortions.”

Yep, the liberals are probably petitioning Rome as we speak to start the canonization process. I seriously don’t know where else to turn for ALL of the news, and total and honest reporting. The major newspapers are in the tank for both this administration and the left wing agenda. If anyone has any suggestions for fair, and honest, and TOTAL coverage other than Fox News, bring it on!!

The left thinks abortionists are heroes and soldiers are murderers.

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