Obama Asked Athens to reconize the Muslim minorities in Thrace

Obama asked Athens to recognize the Muslim minorities in Thrace

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[FONT=Verdana]The US President Barack Obama asked from Athens to recognize the Muslim minority in Greek Thrace. This is what he said on his 10 minute meeting with the Ecumenical Patriarch Vartolomei in Istanbul. The patriarch asked the US president to open the Theological school in Halki and Barack Obama said that this will happen only if Athens undertakes analogical steps regarding the Muslim minority in Thrace.
According to information from the Greek media, the American President told Vartolomei that just the way that the Theological school in Halki teaches orthodox priests in a Muslim country, Greece needs to have schools, which will teach Muslims and other religions. Barack Obama also supported the Muslim appeal from North Greece to choose their own Muftiand not for it to be given to them by the government.
It is interesting to note that the Muslim rights in Northern Greece were brought up by the Secretary of State Hillary Clinton during her meeting with the Archbishop of America Dimitrios. Dimitrios insisted for the Theological school opening and Clinton answered that this will happen only if Athens takes some measures regarding the Muslims in Northern Greece. Back then, the US ambassador in Athens Daniel Speckhard tried to belittle Clinton’s words by saying that she was just repeating the Turkish need.
Greek newspapers remind that the Muslim rights in Greece were mentioned as a condition for the opening of the Theological school also by the Turkish Foreign Minister Alli Babadjan during his meeting with Dora Bakoyanni last week in Istanbul.


So now BHO & Clinton are dictating religious practices in other countries.:mad:

Huh?? :confused:

The closure of the Halki seminary by the Turkish government has been an irritant for the Greek Orthodox Church for the past 38 years. The Turks are willing to allow it to re-open, but only if they get something in return and that something is greater religious freedom for the Muslims in the Greek province of Thrace.

Turkey and Greece have a long history of animosity. That the US acts as diplomatic conduit is not surprising, given that both are NATO countries.

I don’t see how any of that is related to “dictating religious practices”

The USA needs to stay out of this. It is not something that we as a nation have any right to become involved in.

Our government won’t even allow us to say prayers on government property and we want to tell other countries how to behave. Let us take care of our own home before we tell others how to care for theirs.

As a fellow member of NATO, we’re within our rights to try to broker a compromise. Other presidents have become heroes for acting more imperiously in disputes where we had less of a stake (Teddy Roosevelt in the Russo-Japanese War).

It also seems strange to say that we have every right to invade Iraq, but no right to broker a compromise between Greece and Turkey.

I think the US should stay out of this, but if the patriarch wants to ask Obama to do that, the best way to stay out of it is to say this is what terms Turkey wants. If they want to negotiate let them do it with another NATO leader or through the state department. If Obama is going to get in the middle of it, chances are someone will feel like a loser, and Obama will get blamed. He may even be blamed by both sides, when the people at fault is the leaders of Greece and Turkey. But from what I heard he wasn’t any more in the middle of the situation than he had to be.

This is none of the United States’ business. And Obama needs to stop acting like George Bush and meddling in other countries’ affairs.

“Meet the new boss—same as the old boss…”

Because when we people said that we shouldn’t invade Iraq because we’d get tangled in nation-building, what they actually meant was that we should seal the borders and never again conduct diplomacy.

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