Obama asks for $1.8 billion in emergency Zika funding


WASHINGTON — President Obama will ask Congress for $1.8 billion in emergency funding to combat the Zika virus through mosquito control programs, vaccine research, education and improving health care for low-income pregnant women, the White House said Monday.

The new request comes as the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention announced that its emergency operations center has been put on a “Level 1” status — its highest level of activation — because of the Zika outbreak. The CDC has only put its operations center at Level 1 three times in the past: during the Ebola outbreak in 2014; during the H1N1 pandemic in in 2009; and after Hurricane Katrina in 2005.

Obama’s spending proposal includes $355 million in foreign aid to South America, Central America, the Caribbean, where the Zika virus is spreading most rapidly. The World Health Organization declared an international public health emergency last week, warning that the mosquito-borne virus is strongly suspected as the cause of a cluster of cases of microcephaly, a neurological disorder that afflicts the babies of pregnant women with the virus.



“Improving health care” = expanding abortion and contraception


What does the WHO do with all the money they get each year?

They were ill prepared and totally botched the response to Ebola, I don’t expect better on this one.


My thought exactly


That’s pretty much what I read when I see “improving health care for low-income pregnant women”


You’re probably right.


Yes. That’s part of what it means in Obamacare, at any rate.


The threat of Ebola has been greatly diminished.


That result was more ‘in spite of’ the WHO rather than ‘because of’ the WHO
**NPR: Critics Say Ebola Crisis Was WHO’s Big Failure. Will Reform Follow?

** Organizations like Doctors Without Borders/Médecins Sans Frontières were the most effective in responding to the crisis.


My thoughts, exactly.


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