Obama biopic

When the President leaves office in 2013 who do you think should play him in the movie?
I’m thinking Will Smith.

I try not to fall into the sin of presumption. I fail like many of course, but I still try. :thumbsup:

There won’t be any movie on Obama. No need; no desire for it.

There won’t be any movie on Obama. No need; no desire for it.

Yes there will be.
The first POTUS who was not a old white guy? (excepting JFK who was a young white guy)
I agree on Will Smith but the role, if made in the next few years would probably go to Denzel Washington. We’ll see.
If a woman (think Hillary) had been elected, there also would have been a movie.

We need to go back to old folks (regardless or race or gender) or we’ll have a bunch of ex-presidents hanging around forever. Obama, whether he serves one or two terms will be in his fifties, Clinton & W still in the public eye, only Bush pere had the decency to spare us his memoirs and gracefully “fade away” – but he’s a class act.


Michael Cera

Denzel would have to be under a TON of makeup to even remotely look like Obama.

But who knows?

I agree with Smith. Probably Best Bet. :thumbsup:

It’s just too bad Gary Coleman’s not still around. :hmmm:

“Whachoo talkin’ bout, Congress?”

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