Obama bolsters abortion foes (if only in AZ)

Like every other state in the union, Arizona has a budget problem, an unemployment problem and a home-foreclosure problem.

It does not have an abortion problem.

This doesn’t matter to politicians.

Because what we do have, it turns out, is an abortion opportunity. Or more, specifically, an anti-abortion opportunity. And lawmakers who have waited years for their version of “change” are planning to take full advantage of it.

Ironically, while the election of President Barack Obama was a setback nationally for abortion opponents, it was great news for them here.

When Obama named Arizona’s pro-choice Gov. Janet Napolitano as the Secretary of Homeland Security, our anti-abortion Secretary of State Jan Brewer ascended to the office, removing the only impediment to a whole host of abortion-restriction proposals that Arizona lawmakers have been cooking up.


Good news here. I wonder if BHO knew this. I truly doubt it though.:smiley:

With God, nothing is coincidental :wink:

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