Obama Book

Has anyone heard of this book?


What a joke!!!

“You must read this perceptive and well written book. Then you will know why Barack Obama has such a passion for justice and equity, such a gift for filling people of different generations with a newfound hope that things can and will change for the better. His inspiration comes from his faith; he is an ardent believer. Yes, he is a Christian and proud of it.”

Seriously?? :banghead:

i agree. how much did the Obama team pay the author to write this book? so far, i have not seen a lot from barack obama that leads me to believe he is a deeply spritual christian man. i think he relies on himself more than anything and he seems to be the center of his universe.

The book does seem a little much, I do think that Barack Obama has a very strong faith in certain areas; however, there are others where it is doubtful that God ever crosses his mind.

Guess again! Obama is far from being a Christian. Just where has your head been? What part of thou shall not kill don’t you understand? What do you think abortion is, and he is the most liberal pro abortionist that ever was. A person who is pro- abortion is not Christian in my book.

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