Obama Calls for Restraint by Egypt’s Christians


"Obama Calls for Restraint by Egypt’s Christians

President Obama has responded to the Egyptian military’s massacre of Coptic Christian protestors in Cairo Sunday with a pointedly even-handed statement that calls equally on Christians and the military to show restraint."…

Entire article: whitehousedossier.com/2011/10/13/obama-calls-for-restraint-egypts-christians/

Bolton: Obama Calls For Restraint From Egyptian Christians As They’re Being Killed

"Hiroshima, Coptic Christians, and "Obama’s Immoral Equivalence’: A Post-Colonial Foreign Policy

President Barack Obama’s call yesterday for “restraint on all sides” as defenseless Coptic Christians were attacked and murdered in Egypt in a government-supported Islamic pogrom was typical of his administration’s response to attacks by states against civilians.

Though he has, in some cases, come around to criticizing and even toppling regimes, Obama’s first instinct is to treat the perpetrators and the victims as equals."…

Entire article: biggovernment.com/jpollak/2011/10/12/hiroshima-coptic-christians-and-obamas-immoral-equivalence-a-post-colonial-foreign-policy/

Glad to know Obama’s a Coptic bishop:rolleyes: We should pray:thumbsup:


It amazes me that liberals want everyone to be just like them. And I’ve thought that liberalism is sticking your neck out to invite another to slit your throat. Apparently I was right.


Would be nice to have a President stand up for the rights of Jews and Christians to live in the Middle East. I saw in the news that there is only one know Jewish resident still living in Afghanistan.cnsnews.com/news/article/only-one-jewish-resident-left-afghanistan-says-state-department In Iraqi there are only 35 Jewish resident left. theblaze.com/stories/jewish-iraqis-may-be-in-danger-following-the-release-of-wikileaks-cables/

Gosh, if a Wahhabi wasn’t actually behind writing the teleprompter notes for that speech, that is about as close to a brain-dead statement as I have ever heard from a sitting president.

Even compared to the usual inanities that pass for reasoned speech by the left, this is as ditzy and about as morally imbecilic a comment as one could make.

Like so many Muslims who advocate sharia, he too expects the Copts to accept their dhimmitude status with the ‘proper’ amount of humility and refrain from complaining, for after all they are not superior like the Muslim overlord. :mad:

It doesn’t speak well of the benefits of a Harvard education to hear that kind of drivel coming out of the brightest and best.

Not surprising.
But unfortunately, the MSM is not really emphasizing what is going on over there.

Because, of course, “the messiness of the ‘democratic process’ unfolding in Egypt is none of our business,” the Muslims doing this are “not REAL, TRUE Muslims, who are peaceful and spiritual,” and “what is a Coptic Christian anyway?”:rolleyes:

Oh yeah------------------this is really “Change you can believe in.”:shrug:

Apparently “even handed” means that Christians should not shout out while being shot. More great leadership from our worst President ever.:mad:

How dare they hold a peaceful protests after Islamist burn down (another) church while the army watched and did nothing!

Glad we have a President who doesn’t take sides, and lets the Arab world know that the US is not their enemy!

Copts are Arab too??


are the rest of you as frightened as I am that our President would make a comment as incompetent and insensitive as this? :bigyikes:
i simply cannot figure this administration out! :banghead:

In the beginning of his term as president, I knew that this man’s moral compass was spinning wildly.

Now, just a year away from elections ( and God forbid " re-election"), I understand that he didn’t loose it,…he threw it on the ground and purposely destroyed it.

Moral, ethical and religious issues, get in the way of this man and his agenda. He prefers to appeal to the abortion, atheist, euthanasia, radical muslim and homosexual crowds so he can swing the “popular vote” in his favor on November 2012.

If he is re-elected by us, then we deserve anything that comes our way.

Taxing the rich and all the CNN analysis and seeming outrage is just a “slight of hand” trick to make himself seem fair and even-handed across the board.

The Rich are not going to be affected - they will just make more money and eat a little less caviar until re-election.

The fact that he would lessen the plight of Christians in Egypt and then class them together with the violent, radical muslim government and their equally radical clerics is to be expected of this president.

I pray that God turn this man’s heart to Jesus Christ Crucified.

“Change you can believe in”

Because the tangible, the secular, the reality of what you want out of life - is what I bring to this presidency. A controlled moral chaos. The liberty to do as you please - divorced from religious oppression and moral rules that only serve to get in the way of “change you can believe in”.

A society with a life of the body and a life of pleasure. A society witout “myths and legends and christian superstition”. A society that exalts the rights, freedoms and priviledges of the human being un-incumbered by the christian God.

God bless America…as long as it’s not the christian God.


My dear brothers and sisters,

We must pray for the peace that comes from Jesus Christ. And thank Him because these christian followers of His have truly died a martyrs death. Their salvation is assured.

Lucifer does not like this because they are in heaven and so, makes this news known to us through the words of our president.

I momentarily lost my peace and am now regaining it to write this. May God rebuke you Satan.

Aquiesce anima mea, in Deus salus mea.

Absolutely astounding. I’m sitting at my computer chair in stunned silence, mouth agape, as I try piece together exactly what Obama is saying. How exactly does one “show restraint” while being butchered by the army that is supposed to protect them?

Disgusting. Pray for our brothers and sisters in Egypt, and pray that Obama and other world leaders take note of tragedy that is taking place in the Middle East.

Obama would have called for restraint among the Jews as the Germans marched them to a gas chamber.

Post after post I am actually hoping for a rebuttal which points out that his statement is somehow misinformation, or that myself (and others) are somehow not understanding what he is saying.

But in essence, that is pretty much what he is saying.
It is astounding to see the kind of moral imbecility that comes from the left these days.
Absolutely vulgar and spineless.

i was thinking the same thing. :frowning:

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