Obama celebrates Roe v. Wade...unsurprisingly


And thus he adds to his sad stigma…please pray for him daily.



Notice hoe he avoids the word abortion,it is all about a woman’s reproductive rights,yeah,way too uncomfortable to say the A word.
Additionally,abortion was founded on a lie.Jane Roe aka Norma McCorvy,the women for which this piece of legislation was named,has never had an abortion! She was a prop for the pro aborts to gt this law passed.Yes,this law was founded on a lie,and. The bigger lie is that countless women have been lured into believing that it is ok to kill their babies.:frowning:


I don’t think he’s at all uncomfortable saying it. He’s afraid of the public hearing it. Might get the folks really thinking about it.


Good point!


Another sharp stick in the eye from Obama. Democrats wonder why he is the most disliked President we ever had. Of course, they are the party of death so it figures they certainly band together. I wonder if he will manage to destroy our country through the evil use of abortion maniacs.


I was in Washington DC the other day, and I got to visit the Senate while they were in session. Two liberal feminist senators (forget who, though) ranted and raved joyously over how Roe v. Wade granted women “control over their bodies and health.” The only time they mentioned abortion was when they were bemoaning the “Dark Ages” prior to Roe v. Wade when women “had no control” and when they blasted the GOP over the planned parenthood videos…DC politics have only ruined America instead of making it prosperous…


Did anyone walk in the “Walk for Life” today in their home-town??? I did and there were thousands there – was it covered in the local TV newscast this afternoon – NO!!! When I look at my local newspaper tomorrow I’m pretty sure it won’t be covered also – How do we get the newsmedia to cover such an important “walk”???


It gets me every time. The “right to make decisions about her body” line. It’s more accurate to say she’s making a decision about her baby’s body. Obviously the baby is the one who suffers and has no rights. What a thing to “celebrate.” The legalized murder of helpless, tiny, defenseless infants in the womb. What is wrong with people? I just thought to myself tonight, after I’d read this story earlier… Why did the Virgin Mary appear to and open the earth to show three good children hell, which terrified them, but where is She now? Don’t get me wrong. I’m devoted to Her. I just think She should show some of our evildoers and those who condone all this selfish wickedness the reality of the kind of eternity they’re in danger of.


As one commentator would say “what about when it comes to transfat, Big Gulp sodas, having health insurance, smoking, tobacco, Cuban cigars, salt, and vending machines in schools”?

Where’s the “my body, my choice” crowd on those?

Or is it okay when someone with a D behind their name or a nominal liberal places restrictions on women’s bodies?


Bottom line: women should care enough for their body to not engage in sexual realtions which creates a human life. How simple - and a baby won’t be killed. Can that be taught?

Something would have to be wrong with a person that cannot be responsible for sexual acts.
Stop the money flow that promotes this lifestyle and the consequences.



Crowds take to icy streets chanting, ‘Hey, Obama your mama chose life!’


Exactly…it is not that a women should have “control over her ‘health care’ choices,” it’s that they should have self-control when it comes to this sort of matter.


Incredibly tacky.


Thank you for sharing that. God Bless you and everyone else who is pro-life. :slight_smile:

Thank you for reading


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