Obama cites Pope on income inequality [CC]


In a December 4 speech devoted to income inequality, President Barack Obama quoted from paragraph 53 of Pope Francis’s recent apostolic exhortation Evangelii Gaudium.President Obama …



The Law of Distribution says we will have the poor and the rich. I believe Christ also said that we will always have the poor. It’s all relative anyway. Someone mentioned on these fora that you make the poor richer by making the rich poorer and where does that get you?


easy tiger. Both guys are just calling into mind our priorities in a world that can often loss sight on the dignity of human life.


Yeah I’m pretty sure one of those guys is using a rather selective and faulty definition of “dignity of human life;” and is using the other guy’s words to further his own agenda.


Obama knows no shame. The inveterate enemy of the Catholic Church quoting the Pope, or rather, paraphrasing him, for his own political purposes.

Reminds one of Shakespeare’s lines:

“The devil can cite Scripture for his purpose.
An evil soul producing holy witness
Is like a villain with a smiling cheek,
A goodly apple rotten at the heart.
O, what a goodly outside falsehood hath!”

― William Shakespeare, The Merchant of Venice


Since one of those two endorses the right to snuff out that life in its most vulnerable stage, and allow it to die if it survives said snuffing after birth, I’d say easy yourself.

The Pope has little in common with the President in terms of views on human life.

I wonder if our dear overlord quoted the Catholic Church’s legal team who is currently waiting to be heard before the USSC about Obama’s attacks on the Church?

Shameless indeed.


look the devil with the pope! :rolleyes:



And what exactly does that prove, other than the fact that Benedict XVI is so generous and charitable that he will meet with even the worst sinners just as Jesus did?

I imagine that if you could have been a fly on the wall to hear Benedict’s private words to this guy that you would not be trumpeting them here as a success to your agenda of stroking Obama like he is the next Messiah.

Obama is a confirmed Marxist, so it stands to reason that if the Pope says things that might possibly be interpreted as slightly Marxist then they would latch on to that and parrot it as a talking point. Unfortunately for Marxists, the Holy Father is not one of them, he is a Peronist.


Obama is disgusting. . . a well-known liar and manipulator.


I notice that Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI did not grasp Obama’s hand. Looks more like Obama did a quick grab of XVI’s hand for a photo op. Notice Benedict’s fingers are not grasping O’s hand! :smiley: this whole thing could be the result of photoshop expertise.:rolleyes:


I’m glad that Obama accepts the moral authority of the Pope. Now, I wonder when Obama will start quoting Pope Francis’ statements on the perils of national debts, abortion and gay marriage.


He is in sin but do not judge him.


You can’t be serious!! Obama lost sight of the dignity of the human person soon after his own birth. Once we had him, no need to produce any more people at all.:rolleyes: Name examples of how O is protecting the dignity of life??


there appears to be a “take your hands off of my Pope” sentiment being displayed amongst conservative catholics whenever the Left genuinely admires something Christlike the Pope has done. They are attracted to the light, lets not alienate them further by turning a great story about how the Pope commits a corporal work of mercy into an opportunity to be stubborn and decry the left for supporting gay marriage/abortion. This also goes to when pope preaches about how unfettered consumerism can look past basic human dignity.

Lets kill em with kindness and with time let them see how all the things pope does is based on a profound respect and love for all human life. We are squandering opportunities to unite by being too “obsessed” with the sin the are beholden to.


What’s everyone’s take on what the Pope said?

I guess it made me think of unethical businessmen. As in Walmart not paying their workers a proper wage, keeping their hours below the benefit level, and making them go on food stamps. That’s is unethical.

But a good businessman who pays workers properly, gives them the benefits that he can afford to, and provides jobs to people wouldn’t be condemned by the Pope, right?

One thing that disturbs me is the figures for the increase in CEO pay over the last 30 years. That is wrong. There is no reasonable justification for that. That is pure greed.


I think some things were misunderstood by the President and Rush Limbaugh.


lol i was wondering how long it would take on here for someone to see that photo and cry out, “it must be shopped!”

here’s another one for you to breakdown


I think this answer reflects a mistaken understanding of social obligations.


agreed. I think Obama and Pope both find some gross income inequalities such as Walmart ceos vs the walmart employee to be reprehensible. If Obama is a communist, he certainly is doing an awful job of stomping out the largest economy in the world.


Woahhhh people. As reprehensible as being pro-abortion is, we cannot reflexly oppose everything a person does for the sole reason they are pro-abortion. Honestly, I wonder, if Obama were to come out and started talking about his admiration for Adam Smith, right-wing media would start trashing Adam Smith as a Marxist hero of Obama :rolleyes:.

What Obama is talking about here is important to discuss; no need to go for his throat when he quotes Pope Francis in a good way.



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