Obama, citing Pope, bans juvenile solitary confinement [CWN]


Writing in The Washington Post, President Barack Obama said that he would make changes to the federal prison system, including “banning solitary confinement for juveniles and as a …



Solitary confinement is a form of torture.


Obama has also said he would close Guantanamo, so his pledges regarding ending solitary confinement for kids likely don’t mean much…


This isn’t a conservative v liberal issue. It crosses ideological lines. George Will has even spoken out against it.

Here is the article


Solitary confinement is a form of torture.

While I support this change, I think this statement goes a little too far. It depends somewhat of course on how long. Solitary confinement might be for a day. Or it might be for a month.


How many juveniles are in the federal prison system? I can’t imagine it being that many.


Given the prevalence of sexual assaults in prison, especially against younger inmates, I had thought that being in solitary was in fact a form of protection.


This was at one time cited by some prison wardens as a justification, but this particular justification has fallen out of favor as an appropriate response to the need to protect a younger inmate. It seems the damage from solitary is worse than the risk of sexual assault, which ought to be addressed by other means anyway.


What about adult solitary…why not ban that too?

I really hope our next president overhauls the prison system in this country. We need to stop treating this with a medieval mindset and figure out more effective ways to prevent and deter crime. Prisons right now, are just criminal colleges, once they send a young person here for a drug crime or something menial, they learn new criminal skills, make new friends, etc.


I feel you are absolutely right, and for profit prison only make the matter worse.

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