Obama condemned for indifference to China church persecution

BEIJING - As President Barack Obama prepares for his first visit to China, leaders of the unapproved churches there are condemning his administration for indifference to the increasing persecution they are facing.

The latest example of that persecution came Sunday as followers of an unapproved church in Beijing were again forced by the government to find a new place to worship.

Worship in China, governed by the officially atheist Communist Party, is allowed only in state-approved churches, but millions of people belong to unregistered churches that often face official harassment.

Sunday’s banishment was the latest for the Shouwang church, one of the largest underground churches in China with about 800 members. It was forced to hold services in a park earlier this month after being kicked out of a rented indoor area. Photos and a video posted on the church’s Web site, which was later blocked, showed hundreds of members gathered, holding snow-flecked umbrellas and Bibles.

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I think I rather have a president who makes waves then one who doesn’t want to rock the boat. If President Obama is really about change, then he should hold China accountable for their treatment of Chinese Catholics, and for their one child policy. Just because he wants them to help with our economic woes, doesn’t mean he should turn a blind eye.

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