Obama creates first national gay rights monument


President Obama has named New York’s Stonewall Inn a national monument, the first such dedication marking the gay rights movement in the United States.



Does this guy focus on anything of real importance?


I can’t wait for the first monument to the 50 MILLION+ unborn babies killed in abortion. it will be bigger than the Vietnam War Wall memorial. It will be bigger than the White House. It will be bigger than the great wall of China.


Your tax dollars at work! Sarcastic slow clap


Will there be a statue commemorating Harry Hay?


Well, I was just at the Post Office yesterday and saw that Harvey Milk stamps were available.


Oh, that’s just a “kick me” sign. Watch the graffiti! :smiley:


One suspects that sometime or other in history there were other idols dedicated to sexual perversion. Seems like a retrograde move to primitive paganism to me.


That monument is saved for the General Judgement my friend.


:frowning: What will be next?




So you think vandalism is funny? What else is funny when it’s done to gay people?

All of the posts on this thread are proof that there needs to be a gay rights movement.


The US national parks must reflect all of our histories. Good on Obama for honoring this.

Anyone who doesn’t like Stonewall doesn’t have to go. Simple.



Does no one understand sarcasm, irony or satire these days?

Let me try this another way. Suppose I insist on sending my son to school in a frilly pink dress. He would certainly be teased and bullied due to this. However, while teasing and bullying are both gravely wrong, I am an idiot for exposing my son to it and inviting would-be bullies to do so.

Now the analogy. By setting up a monument to immorality and sexual sin, President Obama is simply hardening both sides in their positions and inviting anti-social reprisals and reactions. Such reactions are wrong, but so is your President’s unnecessarily provocative act.

Is that clearer? :slight_smile:


It was considered a national historic landmark in 2000. Why didn’t that provoke a reaction from the homophobes? Or are homophobic folks very clear on the distinction between a landmark and a monument and they draw the line at a monument?


Who said it didn’t provoke a reaction?

When 9/11 happened, who were Falwell and Robertson blaming, instead of Al Qaeeda? :frowning:

Let’s face it: stunts like this are just blatant vote bank politics and “playing to the gallery” to make sure the Democratic party can sew up discontented gay voters who may be thinking that Trump is a viable option. Add the generally low level of political discourse in this election cycle, with acts of violence from both sides and escalating rhetoric, and a monument - or an individual homosexual who didn’t ask for all this additional drama - could end up easily becoming collateral damage. And don’t get me started on the “radical traditional” Catholic sites who think homosexuals are behind every evil in the world these days. :frowning:


So, which fact upsets you, the fact that Milk served his city tirelessly, or the that he was gay? Maybe you would be happier if before any commerative stamp. Regardless of that person’s contributions are printed should an investigation be conducted on the sexual practices of that person are?:shrug:


3 Stooges-style physical comedy is particularly hilarious.


At 33, Milk apparently took on a 16 year old lover. The man had issues.


The Stonewall Inn is NOT dedicated to sexual perversion. It represents a historic moment in time when gay people decided to no longer take it from police who invaded their bar and hangout for no good reason, simply because they were gay, and fought back. It launched the start of the gay revolution in the late 1960’s.

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