Obama Declares June National Gay, Lesbian, Bi & Transgender Month?!

I don’t know what forum this post belongs in but does anyone realize that Obama quietly snuck in a new national recognition for Homosexuals, and Transgenders recently?


Not only is he honoring them - he is glorifying them as having “the best qualities” “we” seek in individuals!!!

Is anyone in any doubt now that the government has finally officially “come out” to declare that we are no longer a country that holds to Christian morality and under the mocking guise of the Christian principals WE put in place to give all citizens equal protection under the law it intends to pervert that and force not only to bend over to socially accommodate illicit morality but it also seeks to mock us by making us officially honor perversion it as if it is a virtue?

Where is National Christian Pride Month?

If that is too religious then where is National Heterosexual and Family Month ?

Where is the outrage?

God help us…


I think this is the “change we can believe in!” :eek:

American Catholics voted for him. Why cry now?

It is sad the direction we are heading!

I hate to say this but looks like the country is going this way. My state,Delaware just passed yesterday a law making sure that gays are not discriminated against in the workforce. Hey they have Democratic and some Republicans by the throat.They have tried to get this passed the last ten years.


Everything is falling like dominoes now and its clear that we have been sucker punched in a well planned and well timed long-term strategy that is focused deliberately at undermining Christian values and traditions of this country and we are under MAJOR and DIRECT cultural war now. These people have been working the politicians very deliberately and have been very organized and I feel like we are all at the gallows now and about to be hung or given our options on what we must do to exist in our own country. Here we are in a free country and a minority had manged to play every angle it could to bend its will against the majority and actually brain wash in less than 2 generations a complete reversal in our morality and social standards.

I don’t think the average American has clue what is going on or if they do they have given up and resigned to the idea that we have lost the country.

Nihilism I expect is just around the corner from here and the pace is going to accelerate from decades to a few years to a few months.


That is just sickening. If I decided that I wanted to marry my dog or cat and get enough support for it, I bet I could get that legalized too. :rolleyes:

Why not… everyone else has a day! HAHA Ohh ya, as a Latino born an breed in the U.S., I want to know why Hispanic Heritage Month coincides with National Spousal Abuse Month?? Just Wondering! :stuck_out_tongue:

Revert TSIEG

So you think they should be discriminated against? I am confused… Elaborate please!

Revert TSIEG

This is the whole problem with it. Once it opens up then every special interest group and his mate is going to want a protected status and recognition - as if one can legislate respect and acceptance. :rolleyes:

Once homosexuals get their way with the marriage rights etc. it will be opened up to polygamy, contracted-couple-swinger-groups, man-boy relations and “man’s best friend”.

In our fears and paranoia of “respecting religion” we have let the minority heathens, pagans, and the agnostics legislate away our rights to bring our own positive morality into the workplace. The government has now all but opened the door wide for everything negative that is anti-religion. Soon they will attack tax-free status of religious Churches and Assemblies and demand management of “the public’s charity” as they have already tried to do in Connecticut by saying that the Catholic Bishops can not dictate how their parishes spend money donated at the parish level. In California one judge recently set a precedence on a case where they declared the Catholic Church as a foreign owned organization (the Vatican is its own sovereign nation) and therefor it had no rights to be telling Americans how to live or establish or sponsor laws etc.

It’s open persecution now and its going to escalate.


The LGBT community has unofficially recognized June as their Pride month for about three decades. Every year, festivals and parades are held in cities across the country in June to celebrate Gay Pride. Many cities issue official proclamations recognizing the days of the festival, or the entire month.

If you really want a National Heterosexual month or Christian Pride month, why don’t you get busy organizing the parades and festivals? Perhaps if your idea takes root nationwide, and such parades and festivals become annual events, then in 30 years your month will be given official recognition too.

If you aren’t actually serious about organizing such events, please realize that President Obama didn’t just pull the idea out of thin air. June as LGBT Pride month has been an ongoing feature of American culture for many years now.


Right on!!:thumbsup:

Do you really think this idea would gain traction?

Let’s see - the Irish community has been putting on an annual St. Patrick’s day festival ever since the Irish arrived here.

The Catholic Church has been continuously celebrating masses from before the Country was even a country in St. Augustine. Do you think we can have a national “Sunday is The Lord’s Day” every Sunday too?

I know you are not gay spokesperson but since no one else is contributing let me ask:

Why did the Government poke its nose into this issue and endorse a fringe group that is at best 2% of the population to give them the entire month? I feel like I am living under a 30 day demonic reverse anathema where evil gets its chance to be honored. Does it take secret back room (or bathroom) “Chicago Politics” to make thinks happen in this country now?

Pragmatically speaking there are just only so many days or weeks or months in the calendar to “honor” people. Why do homosexuals get a whole month - 8.3% of the entire calendar year? Is somone trying to make a statement that that is the ratio of homosexuals in the country (or the recruitment goal)?

I have to ask rhetorically:
Where is the “Remember Wounded Knee Day”?
Where is the “Remember When We Scalped Yellow Hair (Gen. Custer) At Little Big Horn Day ?” :smiley:

Who sets the agenda for this country anymore and decides who gets honored?

It just gets ridiculous at some point and I think that is the best strategy for “taking out” this insult - put up so many “honor days” for nomination that it becomes a total mockery for any group that the government tries to honor anyone. Make honors “cheap”. Really, this whole thing is so oxymoronic. How can a disgraced government that can’t protect its most defenseless citizens (sanctioned and tax payer funded abortions) honor anyone anyway? At least they are not giving out free condoms with “have a good one on me” Obama endorsement this month (to my knowledge) so I guess with a busted economy and budget they can print out all the free honors they want. (honors inflation - a new American economic challenge… :rolleyes:)

“Nemo dat quod non habet” - the government “can’t give what it doesn’t have”…

No honor - no glory - only shame.


Yeah, I certainly don’t see this getting any better. As you say, it opens the door to all kinds of other problems. When you think about it, the “pursuit of happiness” is a pretty vague phrase, and I’m sure there are plenty of perverted people out there just waiting to have their disgusting practices recognized legally for the sake of “happiness.” Psychopaths take pleasure in murdering people, but I don’t see a mad rush to make that legal. The moral lines are gradually becoming more and more blurred. I think our society has the boiling frog syndrome. Things have lost their shock value and are becoming quite common as people adjust to seeing new, progressively worse things. At what point do the “rights” of minorities (homosexuals, atheists) infringe upon those of the majority?

Obama had promised he was going to do this stuff even before he was elected. If people honestly didn’t care for this they wouldn’t have voted for Obama, but they did. The reality is although homosexuality is seen as less than desirable choice, the majority of Americans, especially the younger ones, now think it is legitimate.

The Sunday suggestion would probably be unconstitutional, but St. Patrick’s Day certainly fits a national holiday which honors a minority group. Actually, I am a bit surprised that no national recognition has ever been given to it. Has any organization lobbied for it?

It caught me by surprise, too. I’m guessing that one or more of the LGBT rights organizations requested that the month be recognized, but I don’t know.

Well, its not as if multiple groups of people can’t be honored in the same month. I’m not familiar with all of the honorary months or weeks or days which have been recognized by the US government, but it seems as if there are quite a few. The US Congress apparently recognized the following in January:

National Bath Safety Month, National Book Month, National Diet Month, National Egg month, National Eye Health Care Month, National Fiber Focus Month, National Glaucoma Awareness Month, National Hobby Month, National Hot Tea Month, National Mail Order Gardening Month, National Retail Bakers Month, National Soup Month, National Stalking Awareness Month, National Volunteer Blood Donor Month, and yes, National Mentoring Month.


Honestly, I think such honorary months are frivolous and have no real meaning. But I guess someone thinks them worthwhile.

I prefer the month of June to continue to be dedicated to the Sacred Heart of Jesus:


Satan is such a liar. Prowling the earth as a roaring lion, seeking whom he will devour.

Gays are only asking for special rights… they don’t need it. They are more well off than most people. Their struggle is a lot of bull if you ask me.

I’m not sure where you got that idea, but I highly doubt that it is true. Gays and lesbians are no different economically from others in their country.

However, it is a lot easier to be openly gay or lesbian if you are middle class or better. The reason for this is the increased social tolerance which correlates with income and education level. If a gay person is primarily working and living around others who have higher income or higher education, chances are s/he won’t get harassed, at least compared to someone who is working or living around persons with less education and/or lower incomes.

The result of that dynamic is that lower middle class and poor gays and lesbians tend to keep their sexual orientation as private as possible. Which is to say, they aren’t noticed or counted by the wider public.

AMEN! :thumbsup:

I am not a Catholic; athough I am in an RCIA program. My opinion is that we are seeing things far in this manner because Christians and, especially Catholics have stopped living their faith in public. Catholics are now about 25% of the American population, yet seemingly have no impact on Americans social landscape. I can think of a few reasons why.

  1. Catholics, for the most part, are amazingly ignorant of Catholic social teaching. There is an inordinate emphasis on God as Love, to the detriment of God as Truth. For this reason, most Catholics have been trying to “love gays”. The problem is that there is no such thing as a “gay person”, only unchaste persons who engage in sinful homosexual activity.
  2. Even good Catholics that I have met spend alot of energy apologizing for inquisitions and crusades. I believe that excesses and extremes of Catholics do not to be criticized as regards the Spanish Inquisition, por example. However, this is nothing wrong with the institution of an Inquisition, in principle. There is no dogma of Church/State separtion in Catholicism. The Church and Catholics in society have a responsibility to speak and act on their beliefs. And, yes, there are instances where someone is not going to get there way. In this case, Catholics need to be standing up AGAINST the “gay rights” agenda. If “gay rights” advocates are displeased with the restriction of marriage to 1 man and 1 woman, then Catholics should ok with their displeasure, since Catholicism is TRUE and “gay rights” is FALSE.
  3. “In the spirit of Vacitan II”, many straying Catholics (including Clerical and Religious) attempted to lead the Church astray by following after various trends. For ejemplo, the abuses are mass are still quite abundant.
    Catechesis is the answer.
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