Obama Excoriates Republican Obsession With The Term ‘Radical Islam’


WASHINGTON — President Barack Obama on Tuesday forcefully rebuked Republicans who have berated him for refusing to characterize lone wolf terror attacks by Muslim individuals as acts of “radical Islam.”
Speaking from the Treasury Department two days after a Muslim man shot 49 people to death at a gay nightclub in Orlando after declaring allegiance to the self-described Islamic State group, the president challenged his detractors to identify a single tangible benefit of adjusting his choice of words to describe the attack.
“What exactly would using this label accomplish? What exactly would it change? Would it make ISIL less committed to try to kill Americans? Would it bring in more allies? Is there a military strategy that is served by this?” Obama asked rhetorically, using another name for the Islamic State.
“The answer is none of the above. Calling a threat by a different name does not make it go away.”


He spent more time in his speech attacking Republicans than he did ISIS


Republicans are the real enemy. :rolleyes:


Guess I am guilty - Obama blames 2nd Amendment supporters and self defenders!


Blames them for what?


Here’s the whole speech in case anyone else wants to pull things out of thin air:



He has his enemies and I think this just reflects how he prioritizes them. That has been the problem all along. Nothing has changed. Besides, this is damage control, major damage control. Whether it will work is another question. Actually the whole thing makes me a little nauseous. First the attack, now this. I am so over Barack.


He did not attack Republicans. He attacked ideas. Some Republicans just happen to hold those ideas.


That’s like saying the Orlando shooter didn’t attack people, but just attacked homosexuality.


Except that it isn’t.


You know,in O’s mind the Republicans are more evil than ISIS:eek:


Out of thin air? More like hot, sulphuric smelling air!


And you know, looking at that headline, it makes it even more ridiculous that folks moan about Fox News!


I guess if you don’t say exactly the right words, you can pretend that the reality is different. Like saying torture isn’t torture by calling it enhanced interrogation techniques.


When you focus on “radical Islam”, you often get the mob up in arms and they attack “regular Islam”. Mosques get vandalized, people get assaulted, and you feed groups like ISIS more propaganda. More people are convinced that America isn’t fighting terrorism, but Islam itself, and you get more terrorists. The cycle of violence continues.


Mandating the use of chosen words and forbidding others is a technique used by the former USSR Communist regime. Wonder how Obama learned the technique? Oh, yeah from his early days with Bill Ayers and others.


He epecifically refered to Republicans and Trump


But isn’t Obama getting upset with people who are mandating that he use certain words?

I am so confused.


Oh! Sweet irony! Who is mandating the term radical Islamic terror should be used or the president should resign? I didn’t know Trump was pallin’ around with Ayers.


I want to ask you this as an honest question.

Why is it so bad to simply call terrorism “terrorism”? Why do we need to put an adjective on it? You do realize that when you spend a lot of time pointing the finger at bad Muslims, that sometimes the angry mob confuses them with good Muslims, right? And when innocent people get hurt, they have even more propaganda to recruit.

If we really want end terrorism, we need to focus on the cause of terrorism. And that isn’t Islam. It’s oppression, real or perceived, and propaganda. When America goes all gung ho, overly eager to kill the enemy and avenge their victims, you feed terrorism.

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