Obama expanding refugee program for central american



WASHINGTON (AP) – The Obama administration will soon expand efforts to help Central American families and children legally immigrate to the United States amid another surge of migrants caught crossing the border illegally.

White House Deputy Homeland Security Adviser Amy Pope said Tuesday that the administration will expand in-country refugee processing for families coming from Honduras, El Salvador and Guatemala and launch an effort to temporarily relocate some families to Costa Rica.


hasn’t he brought in enough immigrants?

he doesn’t have that many months left in office. why not concentrate on the people already living here?


Yeah, enough charity already!


…I’m sorry, what?


Our current Holy Father rarely explicitly calls out hell as the consequence of this or that sin… the one exception that comes to mind is lack of charity for the poor. He’s had some pretty harsh words for those who don’t give preferential treatment to the poor. I myself wonder whether I do near enough…
On these boards we tend to obsess over sins of the flesh. These are indeed harmful and can be damning… but as I read through the Gospels I get the Holy Father’s point…sometimes it seems its all Our Lord talked about - the poor, the poor, the poor, the poor! :smiley:


I didn’t think the sarcasm was so subtle.


We shouldn’t have refugees from the south, since there are no wars underway.

Everyone coming north should do so as a legal immigrant, meeting our requirements.


So by following your logic, I am assuming you don’t take issue with Syrian refugees?


We can care for the poor from countries not as advantaged as us through mission coop collections. We don’t need to keep bringing them in when we have our own poor we can’t even care for, Including our homeless veterans (if we can’t even get our VETERANS housing, how are we supposed to help even more refugees?)

Btw, I support a local soup kitchen and outreach for the working poor and near homeless of my city. They offer daily supper, a place to shower and do laundry, drug and alcohol counseling, etc. I send them money at least three times a year.


Then you should have no problem with Obama’s plan since as noted in the OP’s article, “The Obama administration will soon expand efforts to help Central American families and children legally immigrate to the United States.”


Despite your commendable philanthropic endeavors, there is more to the gospel message than feeding or housing the marginalized. We are called to love. And love involves opening our arms (or borders) to embrace them.

Saint Francis didn’t just offer food or shelter to the leper, he often begged and sacrificed what little he had to feed the poor. What Francis did was far more remarkable…though he found the leper repulsive, he kissed the leper.

Feeding and not welcoming the marginalized is exactly what the Apostle tells us in James 2:1-13.

We can, and we should welcome with open arms, even those who appear to have nothing of value to offer us in return.

Christ put it best, as told by Matthew in Matthew 25:34-46.

Peace and all good!


It wasn’t too subtle, just needed to be sure :smiley: you never know on this website.


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