Obama expands Hawaii marine reserve in final push on climate


U.S. President Barack Obama will dramatically expand the Papahānaumokuākea Marine National Monument off the coast of Hawaii on Friday, the White House said, an action that will ban commercial fishing from more than 582,500 sq miles (1.5 million sq km) of the Pacific Ocean.

Obama will visit the protected area on Sept. 1 to draw attention to the threat that climate change poses to oceans, traveling to Midway Atoll - a remote coral reef that was the site of a pivotal World War Two battle and is now known for its sea turtles, monk seals, and millions of seabirds.

Obama, who was born in Hawaii and spent most of his childhood there, made curbing climate change a central part of his time in the White House, which draws to a close on Jan. 20.


I think this is awesome. :thumbsup:


I don’t think it’s very relevant with all of the more damaging stuff going on in our foreign affairs. :shrug:

President Obama may just be trying to preserve his public image in his final months holding the presidency.


Me too!


Half a million square miles is HUGE!


Here is a map of the newly expanded marine reserve. In the upper right hand corner, the little inset depiction of the Earth gives some sense of the size of the reserve.


In the latest battle in War on the Middle Class, Obama once again trades middle class jobs, in this case, commercial fishermen, for the praise and accolades of Hollywood millionaires and Wall Street billionaires. Remind me again why the Democrats are considered the party of the “little guy”.


Me, too.


Oh, no, but he is a “”“hero of the middle class”"" and he tries for “”“affordable”"" healthcare! :eek:

(Sarcasm, if you couldn’t figure it out.)


I’m a Hollywood millionaire or wall street billionaire?

Woo hoo, I’m rich!!!


I’m curious, which Wall street billionaires are giving accolades for this?

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