Obama Expected To Expand Embronic Stem Cell Research And Lobbyists Head To D.C

When I angered me was the age of these lobbyists from NH posted in a newspaper article. I won’t post their names but their ages are 9, 7 and 10. These children don’t even know what embryonic stem cells are and to me, this is just using children for a sympathy vote.
The Mary Tyler Moore Foundation(juvenile diabetes) like Michael Fox(Parkinson’s) is seeking funding.

Many of these college universities research programs live or die on grants so they will push for for embryonic stem cell research money.


More than a decade after the discovery of human embryonic stem cells, Texas scientists are poised to finally ramp up research involving the cutting-edge but controversial science.

With President Barack Obama expected to lift federal restrictions on the field as early as this week, scientists in the Texas Medical Center and around the state have expressed their delight and predicted a long-awaited scientific renaissance will follow.

“After being diminished and pushed to the side for a decade, embryonic stem cell research will become mainstream — most every lab will take advantage of it.”

150 Children from Across the Country Selected to Visit
Washington, D.C. as Delegates For JDRF’s Children’s Congress 2009 Child Delegates to Meet Elected Officials; Some to Testify at Senate Hearing on Type 1 Diabetes and Urge Legislators to Increase Funding for Research

NEW YORK, (Jan 26, 2009) – Some 150 children and teenagers throughout the U.S., and several from around the world have been selected to travel to Washington, D.C. this summer to represent their state and country and remind Congress
and the Administration of the critical need to find a cure for a disease they live with every day— type 1 (or juvenile) diabetes.

These children—ages 4 to 17, representing all 50 states and the District of Columbia, and all diagnosed with type 1 diabetes—**will converge on Washington, D.C., to tell their stories and urge lawmakers to help find a cure during the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation’s Children’s Congress 2009, from June 22 to 24. Joining these children in Washington, D.C. will be six International Delegates from Australia, Canada, Denmark, Israel, Greece and the United Kingdom, who will partner with U.S. delegates to convey a clear message to the U.S. government that diabetes is a global problem that requires a global effort.
The event, held every other summer, will be led by JDRF’s International Chairman Mary Tyler Moore, and will include Congressional visits by the child delegates and a Senate hearing where Ms. Moore, select delegates, researchers, and business and community leaders will testify on the need for continued funding for research on diabetes and its
complications. Ms. Moore and the child delegates, under the theme of “Promise to Remember Me,” will ask Members of Congress to support an increase in federal funding for diabetes research…

In type 1 diabetes – the most serious and complicated form of the disease that accounts for at least $174 billion in annual health care costs in the U.S. alone – a person’s pancreas stops producing insulin, the hormone that enables people to get energy from food. Clic Here

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I won’t post their names but their ages are 9, 7 and 10. These children don’t even know what embryonic stem cells are and to me, this is just using children for a sympathy vote.

I didn’t print their names but I believe one of these children is related to the NH Democratic Senator

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