Obama fills key religious-freedom post [CWN]

Nearly 17 months after taking office, President Barack Obama announced his appointee for the position of ambassador-at-large for international religious freedom on June 15. Dr. Suzan ...


Here is an e-mail I received today from the Religious Freedom Coalition:


That is what one congressional staff member e-mailed me when the “reverend” Susan Johnson Cook was appointed as the Ambassador-at-large for International Religious Freedom. Cook is a typical “whites, Jews and the establishment hold down the black people” preacher from Brooklyn, New York. While her rhetoric is not as harsh at that of Jeremiah Wright, they believe the same garbage. As a female ordained minister she will not be accepted by most Christians in the nations where repression against them is the worst. Muslims will have as much respect for her as they do for Hillary Clinton, which is no respect at all. Cook has no international experience and has no concept at all of the persecution facing Christians. In her new role, I will bet just about any amount of money that in her first major speech she attacks Israel. So why was she picked by Obama?

Hillary Clinton demanded that Cook be the nominee. Cook was a major fund raiser and supporter of Hillary Clinton’s when she ran for Senate and then for President. Cook was also a member of President Bill Clinton’s Domestic Policy Council. In short the office of Ambassador at Large for International Religious Freedom is now a dead zone.

I can hardly wait for her to begin making trips to Saudi Arabia and Somalia to urge the benefits of religious freedom.

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