Obama has won

Cnn reports Obama has reached 270 seats and has been elected.

A sad day for abortion rights, but overall universal healthcare for all.
thank you and good night, know if they could only switch to the metric system, you guys are just like Canada :slight_smile:

Nope, we still actually have gun rights. At least for now anyway.

All Hades break loose.


People have guns in canada, but we are a rifle and shotgun nation, hunters, unless you use a BULL 357, your not bringing down anything Canada has to offer with a handgun :smiley:

well maybe a beaver…:stuck_out_tongue: but no Moose :slight_smile:

We decide the president through an electoral process and firearms are brought up in the first few posts.

How odd. . . . .

:gopray: Heaven help us.

Looks like Rev. Wright got what he wanted.


We truly are a nation divided. And a nation lost too, I think.

I am stunned. How could so many people vote that way, to re-elect that man, considering the last four years? How?

And the war on religious liberty continues. :frowning:

I, personally, don’t even want to live anymore. Truly. I don’t care. Please God let me die tonight in my sleep I do not want live on this planet anymore.

With the election over, the war on religious rights will resume with new fervor, and I am very afraid for the country. It’s time to remember all the Obamacare provisions, taxes, and mandates that were “deferred” until after the election.


I feel the EXACT same way. I am sick with fear right now.


I hope you aren’t serious. It’s ok to be disappointed. This is nothing compared to what previous generations have gone through though.


Republicans would get more votes if they focused more social justice instead of the economy.

I always said people vote for what they want to hear,

well, always civil unrest I guess, although by the next election your prob will be learning Chinese by the amount of debt you guys add every year. the only thing that bothered me was abortion and attack on faith…

i would say come to Canada…but we have issues with abortion also

I fear we won’t recover from another 4 years of Obama. Our best hope will be hearings and getting the truth out about what really happened in Libya and holding this admin responsible for the deaths of 4 Americans.

Hi Holly!

Nice to see you check in!!

Hey, I hope you find faith in Christ, but we can agee about the :thumbsup: tonight!

Romney was my Governor but he will never be my President!

I am very serious. I am awake enough to see that we are only a hair away from being those “previous generations”. We are in serious, serious trouble as a society.

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