Obama/Hillary OK with China's abuses of human rights

It’s hard to imagine that the following shift in policy is not making headlines around the world.


"BEIJING, China (CNN) – U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton broached the issue of human rights with Chinese leaders Saturday, but emphasized that the world economic and other crises are more pressing and immediate priorities.

“Human rights cannot interfere with the global economic crisis, the global climate change crisis and the security crises,” Clinton said in talks with China’s foreign minister. …"

While the USA has historically stood firmly against the abuses perpetrated by communist totalitarian regimes, apparently that stance has come to an end. This is not a case of a drift to the left. This is a case of of swerving into the far-left lane of traffic, parking the car and removing the tires and distributor cap. 
**May Our Lord and His Blessed Mother show grace and mercy to the Chinese, most especially to the priests, to the religious and to those women who are carrying their second (and forbidden) child.**

Wow, that puts things plainly, doesn’t it? Human rights must take second place to money and the environment? This is truly disgusting!

The New Left is NOT a true champion of human rights. The downtrodden are only pawns to be used against the Right in their quest for control. Don’t believe it? Where were the accolades from these guys when the Taliban or Saddam were removed from power?

Lot of similarity between how the Left wants to operate, and how China operates, when you think about it. And I don’t like thinking about it.


If you compared the things written in the western media about the Bush administration and the Chinese dictators, and had no other sources of information, you would swear the worse human rights offender is the U.S. The Chinese could beat us to pieces with our own publications if we actually criticized their genuinely dreadful human rights record.

I think that there was something revolutionary about Bush’s policy that for a time at least stressed the need to establish democracies in the third world, rather than just deal-making with autocrats.
This is over now.

Stability for American investments has always been one of the left’s chief criticism of American policy, where human rights play a secondary role below that of economics.

In a way them, this is a return to the old realism that both Democrats and Republicans before GWB employed in international politics.

Deeply saddening and very scary. :frowning:

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