Obama hits 1,000 mark for commutations granted


POTUS surpasses 1,000 mark for commutations granted; that’s more sentences than the past 11 presidents combined cbsn.ws/2ghF6KU


He is out of control. Lamest duck ever.


His last opportunity to honor the memory of his mentor, Saul Alinsky.


Out of Control ? What do you call the new guy ?


I guess this is better than nothing, but it’s not a solution to the problems with American’s prison and legal system.


From the story:

Obama says “it makes no sense” for nonviolent drug offenders to serve decades in prison or life sentences. He says it burdens taxpayers and overcrowded prisons without benefiting public safety.

I couldn’t agree more. I applaud this.


Me too. I hope he does go absolutely “crazy” pardoning and commuting the sentences of non-violent drug offenders. The War on Drugs has been so destructive.


Obama says “it makes no sense” for nonviolent drug offenders to serve decades in prison or life sentences. He says it burdens taxpayers and overcrowded prisons without benefiting public safety.

I agree.

However I’m a little nervous this coming from Obama though, since he has admitted to using before apparently and could have been arrested himself, I agree though it makes no sense for non violent drug offenders to be serving lengthy prison sentences as the goal is to get them off the drugs I believe, not necessarily to punish them unless they were selling and dealing.

Perhaps the best thing would be to curb the prison sentence so it’s not as lengthy (I don’t know what it is currently) and when they are off the drugs, not leave a criminal record over their heads which can destroy the rest of their lives and simply drive them back into drugs again.

Anyway, just some of my thoughts.

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So what’s the plan in curbing the drug problem? (I mainly say this because I have heard of ridiculous solutions such as legalizing said drugs etc) I think the war on drugs should continue, perhaps it’s so destructive because it’s being done poorly or incorrectly? Id think it appropriate to arrest people who are smuggling drugs into the Country and selling and dealing.

I hope this has helped

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I do believe we should decriminalize it. Portugal has had some success hauling people found with drugs in front of a social worker instead.


I’ve never used myself, but there was a time where I was surprised at how many successful people around me have. In addition to my peers (Fellow software engineers) a number of creatives, lawyers, managers/directors, and others have talked around me about their past usage of cocaine, marijuana, and other controlled substances. None of them have ever been arrested or served time for their drug related activities (though some have been arrested for other non-violent violations such as trespassing).

I think that putting someone in prison and marking them as a criminal for having used does more damage than good.


You can’t allow people selling and dealing destructive drugs like Cocaine and heroin without jail time. I don’t think that destroying their future by showing their criminal records on background checks is helpful in stopping them from dealing again. A good paying job is more likely to have a positive effect to get someone out of the drug business.
The drug kingpins and large quantity dealers however need long jail sentences.


But they are not going after the suppliers, or the origin of these drugs, they are going after the low level dealers and users. Anyone with common sense knows where all the Heroin is coming from which is killing so many US citizens, but they refuse to fight it at the source…?

Back in the 1980s, they went to the source of the cocaine problem, and spent millions to eradicate Pablo Escobar, but today with the heroin problem, they do not seem to be doing that…Gee I wonder why.

I have said before and still believe, since the drug cartels can CONSISTENTLY get enough product into the country to literally keep every city supplied, Im sorry, but there is some degree of collusion between the cartels and the US.


What is so great in having drug dealers and smugglers back on the streets? Are we any better off? These guys get obscenely rich from the misery of others, mostly the poor; just because they didn’t point a gun and shoot someone does not mean they have not taken lives.


I can tell you from first hand experience, the ones getting rich of drug sales are not low level dealers, 99.9% of the time, these types of dealers are just users who are addicted themselves and selling drugs to feed their own habit.


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