Obama: I Pushed Dodd-Frank And Health Care Reform Because Of Christ

President Barack Obama has been taking lumps from Republicans for years over his support for Wall Street and health care reform, but today at the National Prayer Breakfast he claimed support from on high to defend two of his most controversial legislative achievements.
“And so when I talk about our financial institutions playing by the same rules as folks on Main Street, when I talk about making sure insurance companies aren’t discriminating against those who are already sick, or making sure that unscrupulous lenders aren’t taking advantage of the most vulnerable among us, I do so because I genuinely believe it will make the economy stronger for everybody. But I also do it because I know that far too many neighbors in our country have been hurt and treated unfairly over the last few years, and I believe in God’s command to ‘love thy neighbor as thyself.’”


So I must ignore my faith when it comes to paying for contraceptiopn and abortion pills for my employees but must accept his interpretation of what my faith requires when paying taxes?

That man is completely unreal.

Riiiiiggghhhhhttt…forcing people to do things at the point of a gun is very Christian.

To see him stand there and say this with a straight face makes me wonder just how dumb he thinks we all are. Give me a break.

The unborn is respected from God in the Bible as a human being right from conception. But Obama chooses to ignore that.

‘Loving thy neighbor as thyself’ is not forcing them to do something which is against their religious conscience like with the contraception and abortificant mandate.

I become downright offended when I hear this man speak about Jesus and Christianity.

Is Jesus on his side while he gleefully supports abortion, contraception, and refuses Catholic healthcare providers the use their conscience when it comes to these issues?

It saddens me that this man walks around, sticking his finger in the eye of Catholics and Jews, and yet Catholics and Jews are largely responsible for his election and will probably be just as culpable for his re-election.

Consider his spiritual mentor for 20 + years.

I’m not defending his policies at all, but isn’t there a rule on this site about calling into question the authenticity of people’s faith?

It is so easy for people on this site to sit behind their computers and just type ‘abortion’ over and over again. But what you don’t understand is that that has very little affect on someone like me. I grew up as a child of the “working poor”. My parents worked, so we didn’t qualify for help, but at the same time we couldn’t afford health insurance. By the time I could as an adult I already had several “preexisting conditions” that made it far to expensive to even consider, and some companies wouldn’t cover me at all. I am really looking forward to seeing this law take effect. No, it isn’t perfect, but it will be easier to fix it once its implemented and we can see where the flaws are in practice. I’ve already seen the benefits of allowing students to stay on their parent’s insurance until they are 26. Sadly though, my parents can’t afford insurance.

To say that the whole law is wrong and immoral because of abortion is silly, and it diminishes the struggle of millions of Americans who are trapped in the horrible and exploitative health care cycle.

If you want to fight abortion fight abortion. But don’t throw the baby out with the bathwater when it comes to helping people get the health care they need and deserve. Being pro-life means being pro-life towards people already born too.

And for those of you who would suggest I go to a charity, I have spent the better part of my adult life on wait list after wait list after wait list. And most charities are not even in a position to deal with my medical issues, they usually only deal with minor things.

Oh, and to the person who is “disgusted” when Obama speaks about his faith. I’m sure you have said and done many things that would “disgust” people and that are incompatible with your faith.

I don’t question that his faith is genuine. I question the nature of what he believes when compared with Christian orthodoxy.

The ends do not justify the means. The opposition to the law is about more than just abortion (though abortion is a big component). Just because any law might diminish “the struggle of millions of Americans,” doesn’t justify the means by which it achieves it.

If by “authenticity” you mean whether or not said person is genuinely faithful, then yes. We should not call that into question.

But it’s not his genuineness that’s really called into question, but rather what the object of his faith really is. I’m sure he has authentic faith in something; and I’m sure he thinks it’s probably authentic Christianity. But the truth of the matter is that it’s not. He has faith in partial truths, most akin to many protestant approaches to Christianity (save for the fact that most protestant faiths are against abortion). He has a misguided sense of social justice (which severely degrades his political priorities and decisions); he has a somewhat relativistic sense of morals, and thus very little sense of the non-negotiables in morality…i.e. he has no grasp for the fact that abortion issues trump U.S. poverty issues, and that you cannot support the former in order to help solve the latter, even if would be a logical means to an end (which it isn’t even that).

And for some reason, now he proves himself ignorant of religious conscience rights, and will hopefully be forced to admit his error and reverse his efforts to force this absurd law in health care.

So, is he authentic/genuine? Sure, in his own set of error-laden beliefs. I don’t call that into question at all.

Federal funds still cannot be used for abortion.

And you want to know why pro-lifers get labeled as misogynists? That’s it right there. You would have millions of Americans sick, drowning in bills to the point of losing their homes, and ultimately dying because this bill does not outlaw abortion. It does not fund abortion, it does not encourage it. It just didn’t go far enough to outlaw it.

At a certain point people who are already born need to be taken care of too.


Fortunately the vast majority of Americans (even Catholics) disagree with that.

What you are calling a moral non-negotiable is something that most people do not agree with. You act like its common sense. Clearly it is not.

God gave you two hands. I am not opposed to helping the truly destitute. The problem is that there are very few “truly destitute” in this country.

The other problem is that Obamacare does absolutely nothing to control healthcare costs. It just provides a mandate that everyone get coverage (among a host of other ridiculous things), with exemptions for all kinds of reasons, most of them as a result of politicial connections.

The Word of God is a stumbling block for them that are perishing. You feel that it is acceptable to kill the helpless to ensure that your needs are taken care of. I find that thought process barbaric and morally repugnant.

He must be referring to some other Christ than the Son of God who died for us.

And that’s why pro-lifers are seen as crazy and out of touch. The vast majority of pro-choice people are people who either A. Don’t believe in abortion but aren’t comfortable making that decision for others or B. Don’t view a fetus as a person.

I fall in to category B. The fetus is not aware of its own existence, cannot feel pain, and has no vested interest in living. A fully developed person who can feel pain, can feel emotional turmoil, and who does have an interest in living comes first with me.

I personally find your thought-process barbaric.

And childish, at that. Pointing at someone and accusing them of wanting to kill helpless children for their own selfish purposes is intentionally misleading.

Yes, they can. The CHC funding in Obamacare is not bound by the Hyde amendment. The only thing currently stopping direct funding of abortion is the EO. However, the strength of such an order is questionable, since it cannot override the force of law.

Misogyny! :rotfl: This isn’t anti-woman. It is pro-child.

Go back to my post. What did I say? That the problems with the law are “about more than just abortion…” That is, there are other problems besides abortion funding in Obamacare.

So no, it isn’t because it “just didn’t go far enough to outlaw” abortion.

It’s not either/or. How about we take care of both the born and unborn?

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