Obama ignores Boehner’s lawsuit threat: ‘I’ll keep taking actions on my own’




Easy for him to do considering there is no opposition press/media to speak of which would ask him the tough questions. What a difference between now and the Watergate era when the press made it its mission to bring down the president. Oh - I guess the difference is that back then the president was a Republican - now its a Democrat. Regarding Boener’s move, I think its misguided. Congress controls the purse strings. Why not hit Obama where it hurts - funding of his pet programs? Withdraw funding for his programs until he agrees to sit down and compromise.



Imperial presidency


All hail King Obama !!!


This doesn’t surprise me. Obama has to be in control and do it his way. No one is going to tell Obama what he can and can’t do.

Now he wants $2 billion for the immigrants!
Where does he think this money comes from?


Yes, thats a great idea. Hit him where it will ONLY hurt him, because last time they pulled that genus move during the government shut down me and my family sat at home with no pay. No we didn’t get that money back at the end it was just tough luck.


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