Obama in Aurora, Colo., to speak to families of movie massacre victims

[LEFT]AURORA, Colo. - President Barack Obama dashed to Colorado on Sunday to meet with families of those gunned down in a movie theater and to hear from state and local officials about the shooting that left 12 people dead and dozens more injured.[/LEFT]

Pres Obama also visited with some of the shooting victims in the intensive care unit of the Univ of CO hospital in Aurora.
He’s about 90 minutes late for a planned speech. I think he is doing fine where he is.

Live streaming here

i really don’t think it was necessary for him to travel to colorado. the families are still in grief and shock and planning on funerals and worried about their loved ones in the hospitals. why does he need to be the center of attention? they stopped the negative campaign ads until tuesday, so why doesn’t he just stay in the white house?

We expect our president to do this sooner or later.

i know that i would not feel better if president obama came to give me his sympathies.
i would be too devastated by what had happened and having him there would not make me feel better.
there have been 3 shooting massacres since obama became president if i am not mistaken. the fort hood shooting, the shooting of gabrielle giffords and those attending her get together and now this. if i were the president, i would ask myself why this was happening with such frequency in our country. he has been president 3 1/2 years. i know there is violence all around us, but something is wrong in denmark as the saying goes - only instead of denmark, i would say in the united states.

is he going to go to Chicago where a woman BLED TO DEATH after an ABORTION and offer his condolences to the family who is asking WHY she died?


I don’t think a visit (In Aurora) would make me feel better either!

Don’t care. Tired of listening to him. His mouth is moving, therefore I assume he is lying or trying to score political points with one of his pet groups.

It is completely appropriate for the President of the United States to make a visit such as this since it is a national tragedy. I am sure that the families of the victims were comforted by the President’s coming to see them.

I wouldn’t want him around me ig doo times, much less bad times. But that’s just me.

Why? When did the Presidency turn into National Daddy? Do we really need whoever’s in the White House to tell us “there, there”?

Awhile back I was listening to the American History Guys podcast and they did an episode about weather disasters. They started out citing major hurricanes that hit Texas and Louisiana in the late 50s and early 60s. No Federal relief, no presidential visits, no nothing.

Then in 1965 yet another hurricane clobbers LA (why do people still live there?) and Sen Russell Long calls up his good friend Pres Lyndon Johnson and it’s off to the races. LBJ flies down, promises all the help the Federal gov’t can muster and that has set the pattern since.

Yes, I know the shooting wasn’t a natural disaster. But it wasn’t a national calamity, either. It was a horrific, but strictly local crime. Certainly everyone is shocked by it and sympathises with the victims and their families, but the Pres hardly needs to go out there to prove he cares.

FDR with the fireside chats.

Seriously we have expected a president to act like this for a very long time, since FDR at least.

I don’t know, maybe since I live out here it is a disaster to us in Phoenix. Maybe because one of the heros was a boy who went to the same high school as my son… I don’t know, but it has hit us out here pretty hard and we aren’t in Colorado.

And for those throwing politics into this thread, stop. You have enough political threads to do that in.

very well said. it was not a national calamity. it was a tragic local crime and we all sympathize with the victims and their families. he was in colorado recently with the wildfires i believe also. during this time of economic recession, it costs money to fly the Air Force One to these places to offer condolences and then security must be provided and that costs money also. i don’t want to sound callous, but he really likes to be in the camera’s eye and have the publicity and the photo ops. if i were a family member, i might feel offended that my grief and loss were being exploited for his benefit.

i went to college in aurora for 4 years from 1970-1974. i still have many friends in colorado and we vacationed there almost every summer while i was growing up.
i live in arizona also and yes, it was shocking and sickening to hear the news, but it has not hit me any harder than any other tragedy. i am tired of these massacres happening.
the tucson shooting involving gabrielle giffords was shocking, but i am beginning to feel that these events are going to be part of living in america anymore.
no, i don’t like obama so i am honest when i say that if it were me, i would not feel better if he came to pay his condolences and i will not apologize for that.

Damned if you do. Damned if you don’t.

I commend the President and I would commend ANY President taking this action.

God bless your people and Mary shelter the mourning under your mantle.

Well, I have to agree with those that say Obama is only doing this to be the center of attention and for the photo ops. I just can’t say anything else or I will have to go to confession again. :mad:

I can hardly believe that some posters’ hatred for Obama and/or his policies is so strong that they disapprove of his going to Aurora and trying to offer some comfort to those who are in grief due to the loss or injury of their loved ones and friends. Please, let’s give the President some credit where credit is due. If Obama hadn’t gone, there would have surely been an outcry among the same people who are complaining that he went. Yes, everything is political, especially in an election year, but it is also part of the President’s job to comfort the nation in times such as this, just as Reagan, Clinton, and Bush had done previously, and there is really no need to criticize him for doing so.

i am not saying that he is not saddened or shocked by what happened and doesn’t want to offer his condolences. but he can offer his condolences from washington, he doesn’t have to go to colorado to do it. it might be too much hoopla for these families who are trying to come to terms with their grief and or significant injuries to their loved ones. too soon. they have been through a shock.


For any president, this is a “damned if you do - damned if you don’t” moment. The opposition will complain if he goes (this happened with Reagan, Clinton and both Bushes, as well). If he doesn’t go, then they will complain that he doesn’t care.

Yep…Reagan did it after Challenger, Clinton went to Oklahoma, Bush came to NYC. It’s something that is part of the office no matter who holds it.

People who cannot see past their own hatred over this need to take a long hard look in the mirror.

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