Obama Job Approval Ratings Most Politically Polarized by Far


Obama Job Approval Ratings Most Politically Polarized by Far
The average 70-percentage-point gap in President Barack Obama’s job approval ratings by political party is easily the largest in Gallup’s polling history.

*]Approval averaged 83% among Democrats, 13% among Republicans
*]70-percentage-point party gap in approval exceeds previous high of 61 points
*]From Eisenhower through Carter, average party gap was 34 points


Obama left us with a divided country


Yes, he caused and left a great divide in this country.


We’d already been going down that route for a while now. I see a lot of folks taking on party affiliation as part of their identity and just automatically opposing initiatives from 'the other party, be it ‘D’ or ‘R’. It’s like their routing for their sports team vice assessing the performance of their employees. “Yellow Dog Democrat” was how my grandmother described herself-- she’d vote for a yellow dog on the democrat ticket before she’d ever vote for an R. I always used to view her as an outlier, but I think there’s more folks like that about ‘their’ party now.

Although the rise in the number of independents gives me some hope.

Saw an article/opinion piece about ‘Elections Matter Too Much’, with the premise that as the government gets larger and more powerful the impact of elections is greater. We’d be better off with a smaller less powerful government where our employees didn’t have as much power/influence over our daily lives. I tend to agree.


We’ve been trending this direction for a while. people-press.org/2014/06/12/section-1-growing-ideological-consistency/pp-2014-06-12-polarization-1-05/

It’s only going to get worse, Trump’s numbers will be even more polarized.


Not necessarily. If he follows through on what he and Bannon discussed in making a real attempt at addressing the decline in the minorities’ quality of life in the inner city vice continuing to follow the same policies, we could see his numbers turn around quite a bit.

A lot will depend on how hard folks fight against trying something different there-- like school choice .


yes, the inauguration was only 10 days ago. he is just getting started.
I expect him to make some real changes for the best!

I expect what happens the next 4 years will put the spotlight on how the public approved of what Obama did or did not do. Many already have made up their minds about the Obama legacy.


I’m for school choice-- but there are some very valid concerns. It will allow more involved parents/better behaved kids a chance at a better education and future. But it will be at the risk of consolidating the more troubled kids with less involved parents in failing schools with little chance for improvement.

The key will be how to either get those parents more involved and the kids themselves more invested in their future in order to improve the schools they attend as well.


If you read the article you will find a comment on Trump:

In Gallup’s first measure of Trump’s job approval rating, there is a 76-point gap in approval between Republicans (90%) and Democrats (14%).

I think that gap may close as his favorable among Republicans decline.


Why would they decline? He is fulfilling his campaign promises.
Is that just wishful thinking?


His numbers overall have been declining. Not all republicans like Trump.


I think it is way to early to suggest this until we see the results Its still only January


I believe the opposite will happen with an increase in Dem/Independent approval as it becomes apparent that-

  • He isn’t anti-female
  • He isn’t anti legal immigrant
  • He isn’t anti LGBTQ
  • He isn’t anti minority
  • He isn’t anti-muslim

That he sees himself as a servant/employee of the people bound to follow policies he believes are collectively in the citizens best interest vice following policies that are in a globalist’s best interest. While we may take a Catholic view of migration policies and mercy/compassion-- Trump is a secular employee in terms of being elected to follow polices best serving US citizens as a whole.

As in the current furor over immigration policies. Is it in the typical US citizens best interest to continue with inadequate vetting of refugees from those 7 countries, or are US citizens better served by additional/more thorough vetting.

And what’s the metric for determining what constitutes ‘adequate’ vetting?


It has only been 10 days. Did they decline the last 2 days?




As to your third point, welp:


Well, assuming he actually signs an executive order amending Obama’s which provides for following sincerely held religious beliefs-- the devil will be in the details. As always.

Given his long standing support for gay marriage, it will be an interesting subject for another thread if and when signed.



The White House announced Tuesday that President Trump will leave intact a 2014 Obama-era order protecting LGBTQ employees who work for federal contractors from workplace discrimination.

Joshman, well there’s what he actually did, which isn’t really surprising given what he’s done in the past and what he said during the campaign. Very much in character for him.

You know, it is almost as if there are folks who want to create hysteria and panic based on a caricature they’ve created unrelated to how he campaigned and his actual conduct. As if they are gaining some political benefit from doing so. I recommend reading all accounts in the press with a bit of skeptiscm- regardless of source.


I agree. They are painting a picture of Trump that isn’t true.


It was being reported, it was posted. Its been actually issued now, and no issue. Although his VP has been terrible for LGBTQ rights, so I’m not holding my breadth.


Fake news? Or someone jumping the gun? Or an inside source with an ax to grind? Or…

There are so many sources now, one really needs to read from as many sources as possible to try and balance out the unknown motivations of the various authors and sources.

The flip side of Pence being ‘bad’ for LGBT is, is he being ‘good’ about the first amendment right for free exercise of religion? Is he ‘against’ gays or is he ‘for’ religious expression?

There can and will be honest disagreement on what someone should/should not be forced to do in violation of their religious beliefs.

I’m anti-gay/single parent households, not based on my religious beliefs but based on my experience as a single father and seeing how a lack of exposure to a man/woman relationship in their home affects kids. But, we’re well down the road on those social experiments and there’s no going back.

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