Obama May Pick Abortion Drug Promoter for FDA Chief

Obama May Pick Abortion Drug Promoter for FDA Chief

Washington, DC – If anyone had any question about whether Barack Obama would promote the increase or reduction of abortions as president, the abortion advocates he’s named to top administration posts confirm his agenda. Now, Obama appears likely to select the FDA chief who oversaw the abortion drug for a second stint.

Story at: LifeNews.com/nat4718.html

Even if Obama wanted to appoint a prolife democrat to anything, which I’m sure he doesn’t, he would have a devil of a time finding one. “Prolife Democrat” is practically a contradiction in terms.

Another Clinton cronie? Guess we elected Hilary after all. :rolleyes:

DH who is in the biotech field says this could mean fewer drug approvals, which will hurt R&D and smaller biotech companies. Just his off-the-cuff interpretation of the choice. :twocents:

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