Obama misspeaks: "I want to see us export more jobs"

From CBS News:
Speaking at Kent State University in Ohio on Wednesday, President Obama misspoke, stating, “I want to see us export more jobs.” Quickly correcting his remark to be, “export more products,” he joked, “I was channeling my opponent there for a second.”
No, I don’t think he was “channeling his opponent” – I think it was a Freudian slip, revealing his real self.

The same real self that is trying to destroy the coal industry…sadly, of course, electricity prices will necessarily skyrocket.

I and so many others are patiently waiting for some Freudian slips on the part of Romney so that we may find out what HIS real self is. It looks like it will be a long wait.

I posted one here this morning. Sorry if you didn’t see it.

He did not misspeak; he was telling the truth with ‘export more jobs’. As for “channeling hs opponent”, it was not Romney he was channeling, it was Joe Biden Obama was channeling. :D:eek::bigyikes::whistle::wave:

Here is a link: forums.catholic.com/showthread.php?t=714659

we can’t export more goods if we don’t bring back companies that prefer to make products cheaper in china (where some might end up tainted with LEAD). The tax code needs amended so busineses will stop outsourcing and bring back jobs to the USA.

Ideal would be to not outsource to China anymore. China’s gotten too big for their pants lately anyway.

Thanks for the link, Mark. I guess they’re both human, after all.


The only differences are, one was a slip showing inner self, other was a dumb mistake…:rolleyes:

What’s even more scary… he’s probably telling the truth!:bigyikes:

And which is which depends on your politics.

Yes. It’s this kind of logic that causes me to be ‘apolitical’. Both sides do it, and the lack of genuine honesty is very apparent to see.

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