Obama names rising star Castro as new HUD secretary


Obama will name mayor Julian Castro - former mayor of San Antonio - as the new Secretary of Housing and Urban Development. A rising star, Castro is seen by some as a possible vice presidential choice for 2016 or beyond. He could provide ethnic balance to a ticket headed by either Hillary or Elizabeth Warren. As a Hispanic and Texan, he might help bring Texas into play.

I have my own analysis but would like to hear from others - on what he can do for HUD and his political future.




My only exposure to him was the DNC speech, where he invoked his Catholic background, but then said:

“When it comes to respecting women’s rights, Mitt Romney says, ‘No.’ When it comes to letting people marry whomever they love, Mitt Romney says, ‘No.’”

So, it at least comes off as though he’s opposed to Catholic teachings on social issues (birth control mandate/abortion/same-sex marriage.)


I’d like to know more about the politicial associations of his family, particularly his mother.


Is his mother a potential candidate?


The article doesn’t say.


I didn’t know he was catholic. Of course, like all good Democrat catholics seeking political power, its Planned Parenthood and gay marriage first, Catholic second. My own analysis is that the Democrat bench is very thin. You have a nearly 70 year old Hillary Clinton, Elizabeth Warren, that guy from New Jersey - Cory Brooker. Maybe Cuomo in New York. After that, who? Biden?:eek: So this new guy Castro is intriguing. Could he put Texas into play in 2016? Or will Democrats have to wait until 2020 for the demographic effects of amnesty to put Texas and the rest of the southwest into play? Will there be any money left to hand out to them anyway? (to buy their votes). Are there any moderates in the Democrat party? There are pro-choice Republicans (the Democrat catholics on this forum remind me of this regularly). There are pro-gay marriage Republicans. Where are the pro-life Democrats? Pro-marriage Democrats?



There certainly are pro-life Democrats in Louisiana and North Dakota. Both of those states have passed pro-life legislation in the past year or so with Democrat support. I would think in these two states, they are probably “pro-marriage” too.


Marie “Rosie” Castro. A cursory internet search reveals that “she helped establish La Raza Unida.” Her background seems to suggest that she is a leftie/racial identity politics “social justice” type whose faith is in politics. I don’t know - activist, community organizer, etc. In an interview she recalls her meeting being co-opted by the Socialists:

"*But you know, and there was some thinking that well, there, they should, free speech, they should be allowed to be around. But then, at times, there were some Mexicanos that were also part of that socialist party that began to think in the same manner and they would come to our meetings because we had, you know, county chair meetings. They would come and they wanted to push that agenda

And then, you know, whether it was a rally or some issue that you had spoken out on, here come the socialists and, of course, what that did with the media was to equate communism, not even socialism, with what we were trying to do. And it always pissed me off because we knew that we weren’t communists and we knew we weren’t even socialists."*



Not surprising. However - the N. Dakota Senate is 33 GOP to 14 Democrat. House is even more lopsided at 71-23. There was a pro-life law passed in the senate that won 26-17. It isn’t a leap to surmise that the votes against came mostly from the Democrat side. Would a “pro-life” Democrat in the North Dakota legislature remain so if he/she had ambitions for the US senate? Probably not.



He certainly sounds like the kind of catholic Obama likes.
One who doesn’t adhere to Church teaching.


I’ve read some things to the same effect, which is what has me interested in the people who were his early influences and helped shape his political views.


I bet the President was livid when he found out this guy was not Fidel’s son.




Reminds me of the last “Rising star” from San Antonio-Henry Cisneros.




The Democrat party is in need of rising stars - all they have is re-treads at this point. But do the rising stars like Castro or Cory Brooker have any substance? Reminds me of 1984 campaign - “where’s the beef ?”



We didn’t run an empty suit last time around and we won’t next time either. It will be difficult for the Republicans to find anyone who can stand against Hillary Clinton if she decides to run. There’s also Senator Elizabeth Warren, Governor Cuomo, and Governor O’Malley. I doubt even the Republicans know who they could possibly pit against the Democratic heavy weights. Christie is out after his traffic scandal, Ryan was steamrolled by Biden in the Vice Presidential debate, they wouldn’t dare prop up another Bush, etc.


That gave me a good laugh! Thanks!


Yes you did run an empty suit. Unfortunately a large part of the electorate believed the lies told by the empty suit.


And unfortunately, still believe the lies. :rolleyes:

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