Obama not even a smidgen of corruption

February 02, 2014 - 05:17 PM EST
Obama: Not ‘even a smidgen of corruption’ ’ behind Internal Revenue Service targeting

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Obamagate – How Obama administration apparently weaponized intel agencies for political attacks
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“It would be irresponsible for the intelligence community and Congress to turn a blind eye to this abuse simply because it happened years ago. Wrongdoing by the Obama administration in this scandal – which President Trump has dubbed “Obamagate” – must be exposed to ensure such actions never take place again.”


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Fred Fleitz: Obamagate – How Obama administration apparently weaponized intel agencies for political attacks
By Fred Fleitz | Fox News

There is strong evidence that President Barack Obama’s administration improperly weaponized U.S. intelligence agencies in multiple and shocking ways against Donald Trump and other political enemies.

It appears the Obama administration did this in a number of ways, including: fraudulently obtaining Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act warrants to spy on American citizens; promoting the Democratic National Committee-funded dossier assembled by former British spy Christopher Steele that was filled with lies about Trump; politicizing intelligence analysis; leaking intelligence; and spying on political opponents and journalists.

In the period when he was a presidential candidate and president-elect, Trump and his aides seemed to have been the major targets of this misuse of American intelligence for political purposes. But they were not the only targets.


It is imperative to uncover the extent of the Obama administration’s abuse of U.S. intelligence for political purposes. This must include a full list of every American unmasked from intelligence reports – Trump aides, members of Congress, and ordinary Americans – and who made these requests. . . .

. . . This week’s revelation that an astounding 39 Obama administration officials – including then-Vice President Joe Biden – made 53 requests to unmask incoming Trump National Security Adviser Michael Flynn’s name from National Security Agency phone intercepts between Election Day on Nov. 8, 2016 and Jan. 12, 2017 was a bombshell.

The stunning revelation regarding Obama administration spying on Flynn by secretly recording his conversations with the Russian ambassador to the U.S. at the time appears to confirm allegations by President Trump and his supporters of a broad effort by the Obama administration to weaponize intelligence to undermine the Trump presidency shortly before it began. . .

And the list goes on the Democratic party is a party with out morals.
The progressive party

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Not a smidgeon of corruption?

Yeah, right. I have some seaside property in Oklahoma to sell you.


I have little doubt there was corruption in the Obama administration, and probably more corruption in the Trump administration.

So, how much time do we (Congress and the WH) want to spend on investigating this? Trump would most likely want to spend a lot of time to distract from his own blunders and incompetence. And if he can weave his presidential opponent, Biden, into the scandal, so much the better. But how about the welfare of the country, dealing effectively with the pandemic and the threat of a possible second wave, rebuilding the economy but with caution not recklessness, the constant threats from China, Russia, Iran, North Korea, repairing our diplomacy and relations with our allies, and so on? Will we hear about any of this in the presidential campaigns, or will we focus only on mud-slinging? No need to answer.

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But we have no Obama indictments to sell. Which of course is more objective and relevant.

With all the investigations they have done on President Trump, surely something
would have showed up by now.

If Obama and Biden were involved in scandal, America has the right to know.
The democrats have been jerking everyone’s chain for 4 years. There shouldn’t be a double standard.

Yes, America has a lot on its plate right now, but that shouldn’t mean we let
dirty politicians off the hook. Especially after what they put President Trump through. Yes, they got a hoot out of what they did. They thought they were being
very clever.


President Trump put himself through. In fact Trump had to really really really try, to get REPUBLICANS Trump appointed, to appoint a special counsel. Which is the history by the way. To blame the opposition party out of power to " go along with" the GOP choice of Mueller is not exactly a vendetta.
Try to identify an opposition party moment ever, where the opposition party says ,NO, DONT INVESTIGATE THE PRESIDENT OF THE OTHER PARTY, PLEASE, WE BEG YOU! When his own party initiates steps to investigate, the opposition party in America agrees 100% of the time. YOU KNOW THAT! TRUMP’S POLITICAL APPOINTEE created Mueller.

He was impeached, remember?

Obama didn’t have to pardon a lot of political cronies, did he?


There were impeachment hearings, by the end of the senate hearings, he was not

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He was impeached. the Senate did not convict.

Nothing came of it.

He is impeached. And that is not nothing.

Yes, it amounted to nothing. We know now the lies it was all based on.


Really? What lies were those?

Half a trial…" G Kelly"

The whole world knows by now except you dvdjs?


Then it should be easy for you to specify them.

Why should I do the work for you? I know you watch the news.

I think that you are mistaken about the “lies”.
I would like to know what “lies” you are talking about, so that I could properly address them.

The lies have been revealed piece by piece over the last 4 months so if you go back and look at the headlines you can’t miss them.

Please consider naming them.

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