Obama Not to Blame for Gulf Spill: Ron Paul



Of course he is to blame!

If he were any kind of leader at all he would swim right down there and plug this leak!

Ok, I’m not an Obama supporter, but why would anyone blame him for this accident?

I was really scared that your first two lines were serious… and I had already started to pray for you.:eek: Thank you for the clincher! :o

There are problems every year, all over the country. Some of the problems affect just a few people. Some affect more. Why people want the president, ANY president, to fix up their local problems is beyond me. :rolleyes:

With this oil spill, I get that there were some changes to the rules and regulations. Bad President! But those changes … how could they have made the spill HAPPEN? It’s like saying to your teen, ‘your curfew can go from 11 to 11:30 since you’ve been so well behaved’, and then the kid come home drunk. And even if the kid didn’t get drunk until 11:15. No reasonable person would say the ONLY reason the kid got drunk was that his curfew was later. The kid have to have an interest in drinking to get drunk, had to have been around people who would allow him to drink, yadda yadda.:cool:

Yes: It’s a horrible problem. The people of the Gulf Coast have been hurting for quite some time. But you can’t lay the whole thing at the feet of the POTUS.

Are you talking about hurricane Katrina or the BP oil spill?


I agree that Obama is not responsible for the spill, it is just his response to it that has heads turning. He seems more concerned about assigning blame (its Bush’s fault) and inciting emotion. Turning this problem to push his cap and tax agenda rather than on practical steps to contain the spill and cap the well. The Dutch offered to help but the Administration declined due to a 1920s era law. .

I agree, it’s his response or lack thereof that’s the problem. No, he didn’t cause it but he could have been a lot more proactive than he has been.

We can worry about assigning blame after we have solved the problem. Right now we need to solve the problem and get to work minimizing the damage to the environment. That should have been his top priority. I think his lack of care for the environment is what disappoints me the most. The lack of care for the people I expect, he has already shown he doesn’t care about the American people. :frowning:

According to Mark Levin, he is responsible and had the authority to do more.

Source: (6-09-2010 show) podcast.com/show/11252/

I’m not saying I agree or disagree, but this is another side of the debate.

Michael Moore will eventually get around to blaming former Prez George W. Bush for it in his next movie.:smiley:

Does anyone know what actually caused the explosion?

If I was a right wing Michael Moore type,I would do a film that would insinuate Venezuelan mercenaries hired by Rahm Emmanuel and Team Obama. Just kidding!! :stuck_out_tongue:

The Gulf Coast, currently affected by the BP Oil Spill, is still reeling from the devastation of Hurrican Katrina and the levees breaking. There are other problems in that area, too. :frowning:

The people of Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama and Florida have some issues that are pretty tough right now. :blush:


You never know. :smiley:

On a more serious note ~ I’m curious as to what exactly caused the explosion.

A deposit of methane gas ignited. Methane deposits occur where ever organic material is rotting in the ground.

‘Assigning blame’, as you have labeled it, and pushing cap and trade is exactly the response that the President should be taking right now. Obama does not have the technical know how to solve this problem. And nor would you expect him to. The best and brightest from the administration, coast guard, BP and the country are already dumping all resources into this. And a cap and trade bill is the only thing that will prevent a catastrophe like this from happening in the future.

Cap and tax, lets call it like it is…Obama’s next project, now he already has the financial, auto and health industries under his thumb. He is a socialist’s dream, I truly believe that he, and his wife, in their heart of hearts, hate this country and everything it stands for. I read his book. his mother and grandparents raised him that way. Now, for this professional overrprivileged victim cum president, his next mission is to ruin the energy industry, sending this nation spiraling into a depression that will last for decades. Al Bore must be salivating now. Obama is a absolute joke, albeit a very dangerous joke. He is like a sociopath tossing hand grenades and wielding a chainsaw on the survivors.

Just because the man view the solutions to the world problems than you does not mean that he ‘hates this country’. I would say that the exact opposite is true. I feel like, in their heart of hearts, both he and his wife care more about this country than any family that has ever occupied the White House in my lifetime.

I have also read his book. What really struck me was his great life story, attention to detail and, above all else, the overwhelming impression that he is a careful considerate and caring man. I self identified with much of what was in there.

Unfortunately, the implementation has not been what I would have hope for. He has decided to govern from the center. He is not a ‘socialists dream’. As a lifelong socialist I can state, without a doubt, that this could not be further from the truth.

At best, he is governing slightly to the left of Bill Clinton.

I have absolutely nothing in common with you.

I am polar opposite from you and people who think like you. You do not sound like a socialist, you are more like a Marxist, and I don’t mean a fan of the Marx brothers. Obama and the people in his administration are the most anti American, anti-Capitalist- neo marxist administration in history. Socialism is a spirit sapping, wealth draining, initiative stuffing entropic way of thinking. It rewards sloth while punishing thrift and industry. It is truly an evil system.

Oh for crying out loud. He makes Clinton a John Bircher

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