Obama Offends Disabled With Crass Special Olympics Remark

Washington, DC – President Barack Obama has upset the pro-life community with his repeated actions to promote and force funding of abortion and embryonic stem cell research. Now, he has stuck his foot in his mouth with a comment offending the mentally and physically disabled.

Appearing on the Jay Leno program on Thursday evening, President Obama talked about his poor bowling skills and said he recently bowled a 129 game.

“That’s very good, Mr. President,” Leno responded sarcastically.

It’s “like the Special Olympics or something,” the president said.

Full story at: LifeNews.com/nat4931.html

It was an insensitive jest.
It has nothing to do with his position on abortion or stem cell research.
Any disabled adult who actually feels hurt over a statment like this is maladjusted.

Enough with the political correctness already.

I magine what would happen if Bush had said such a thing. I see the pitchforks and torches just as clear.

The level of offensiveness is arguable. It does seem that our President is not very guarded with what he says. This is a quality former president GW was constantly criticized for.

I recall President Obama being interviewed on Superbowl Sunday. They asked him about a magazine his family appeared in and he said, something like apparently Jessica Simpson has a weight problem. Can you imagine if the President of the United States called you fat on TV?!

I don’t particularly like the man, but it is my hope that as he settles into the office, these sorts of slips will diminish. I hope that he comes to realize that he is President of the United States wherever he goes, and in whatever he does he is representing us. Unfortunately for Barak, he is a media darling and slips like this do not get blown out of proportion like they would have with our previous President. If the media would be a little tougher on him, it might train him faster not to say whatever floats into his head.

I’m glad I’m not the president (you should all be glad that I am not as well.) When your job involves talking all day, you are bound to say something stupid. I’m just a teacher and that is my daily reality.

Exactly…:rolleyes: They’d have Special Olympics kids lined up in front of the White House with protest signs. But Obama can do no wrong.


Could you explain your comment, please?

Let’s see…

The PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES appears like some celebritard on a comedy show. He didn’t even have a TIE on, for cryin’ out loud. Then he makes a crack about the disabled.

Anyone OK with this? THIS is what we’ve come to expect from the most powerful person in the world?? How did we ever get this far to lower our expectations of our higest office in the nation??

I’m not sure what having a tie on has to do with anything - but, he did have a red tie on.


This wasn’t nearly as bad as the Brown-DVD gaffe. And the Churchhill-statue gaffe. And the numerous other gaffes. :frowning:

Lighten up. It was just a joke, a bad one, but a joke none the less. I don’t think he meant any offense…

What was a joke?


Isn’t that exactly the sort of crack that the president made? Making fun of someone’s disability is not okay, whether you are the president of the US or just a member of some internet forum. :mad:

Clearly the man has NO class. What else would you expect from a man who:
a.) Believes babies that survive abortion should be left to die
b.) Thinks babies are "punishment"
c.) Says that knowing when life begins is “beyond his pay grade”

This slur goes hand in hand with just how little he thinks of the disabled or those with special needs. Do we expect a higher standard from the POTUS ? Usually, yes, but in this case what came out of his mouth is telling of what’s in his heart.

The man is a disgrace to our country…what’s left of it.

Yeah, and what Don Imus said on his radio show a few years back was just a joke as well and look what happened to him.

I agree. The worst president ever. if only he had looked to God, instead of inventing his morals as he goes along. Creating human beings and cloning them just to destroy them? Disgusting.

America’s genocide of the unborn is evil beyond words, and informally excommunicated Catholic politicans (Nancy Pelosi, Joe Biden, Ted Kennedy, John Kerry, etc.) repeatedly receive Communion (which is sacrilege) while fully supporting Obama’s and congress’ murderous genocidal mass-killing.

I just hope God will have mercy on us Catholics in the US.

Sorry, got off topic.

Can anyone seriously look at the state of our nation and think we are not paying for our indiscretions?

I love America, but it’s dying and I’ve only just become an adult.

Well, Obama is not ‘well bred’. The well bred think those things, perhaps, but don’t actually say them in public.

He needs to find a place to get his edges polished. He is much too "common’. Not in a populist way, but in a, well, common way. I’m not very impressed when I see the leader of the free world acting like Joe that I see in the gym in the morning.

My bad. I meant jacket.

Exactomundo. Just being absurb to point out absurdity, glad you caught it. :thumbsup: I would expect more out of our president. Substitute “intellectually bankrupt” celebrity figure.

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