Obama on increased action against Islamic State: ‘We don’t have a strategy yet’


President Obama said Thursday he has not decided on stepped-up military action against the Islamic State in Iraq or Syria, cautioning that he remains committed to a strategy that protects U.S. interests and builds broader partnerships to combat the threat posed by the militant group.

“We don’t have a strategy yet,” Obama said during a White House news conference, referring to increased military action. “Folks are getting a little further ahead of where we’re at. …The suggestions seems to have been we’re about to go full-scale on some elaborate strategy for defeating ISIL [the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant] and the suggestion has been we’ll start moving forward imminently and somehow with Congress still out of town, they’ll be left in the dark. That’s not going to happen.”



He just doesn’t want to step on the toes of his fellow Muslims. :mad:


I must point out here, that saying “Your move!” is not a strategy.


Couldn’t it be possible Obama was just saying that so as to not give away the US real position?


I doubt it. :shrug:


He has one strategy - fundraising!

I don’t think this wss a part of being presidwnt he was planning on.
Get out of Afghanistan and Iraq and promote Arab spring and all will be ok.

He has strategies for travelling on Air Force One and posh vacations and plenty of golfing but no strategy on how to be an effective predident! He is a joke.


This quote sent a chill down my spine:


What I have seen in the news reports suggests folks are getting further ahead of where we are at than we currently are.

Guess who said it? Wait for it, the same guy who called ISIS a “JV” team…Obama. There’s a reason why I just saw on Fox News that England has raised their terror threat.

This ISIS bunch scares the tar out of me and Obama is to preoccupied with his golf game to put together a strategy to wipe the bad guys out.


The same thought occurred to me and I am praying it is so. The chance that he is sincere scares me here; is this what we mean by transparency in our leaders?


I started off an Obama fan, but as time went that went down fast, but I have to say he di go after Osama and got the job done. Clinton had a chance and for whatever reason didn’t do it. Bush had 8 yrs had great info but couldn’t. Obama did. Although Obama is not the brightest man he does seem to stand up at the right time. I hope he does have an answer because if he doesn’t and ISIS does more killing, things will get nasty and bloody fast.



Well, here’s a pundit with his theory of what Obama’s strategy actually is… don’t know if I agree or not.



If this guy is right, Obama and his minders are truly mad.

But no one could doubt they might seek something like this, since it would almost certainly turn out to be essentially a concession of the entire region to Iran with absolutely no mutuality to it. If, as seems entirely possible, Obama’s people believe the only bad actor on earth is the United States, this would be consistent with that view.


That is a scary theory. If that is true it does not make me feel safe he is our president and that he is acting in the best interest of our country.


Eli Lake and Josh Rogin have sources inside the administration. Here is what is happening there.

Leading U.S. officials now believe that America has to expand its air war against ISIS into Syria, but nobody knows yet how we can do it… or what will happen next.

Until those questions are answered we don’t have a strategy. As Obama stated yesterday, the answer is to ally with Sunni tribes and states and get them fighting against ISIS on the ground. Iran can’t do that. If the Gulf States thought we would all of a sudden become the Shia Air Force, you would see a massive amount of men and materials pouring into ISIS.


Obama is just restating what everybody already knows.

He is like a person playing checkers at an introductory level entering into the high stakes chess game known as foreign affairs.

Doesn’t have a strategy yet, eh?

Well maybe by the next term…


Reminds me of the escape in Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome. When Max asks what the plan is, he is told “Plan? There ain’t no plan!”



You make it sound as if these decisions can and should be made easily, lightly, and/or quickly. The fact is that there isn’t anything the U.S. and it’s allies can do to effectively put an end to ISIS short of an all out invasion of Syria and a reoccupation of Iraq. Even then, like Al Qaeda, it’s unlikely they will ever really be defeated. The removal of Saddam Hussein was one of the worst foreign policy/military decisions in this country’s history and now we’re going to have to pay the price for it. The only question the Obama administration needs to decide is how high that price will be. If there is no strategy yet it’s because it hasn’t been decided who will share in that burden with us and how.


The traditional response in that situation is to say all options are available. Smart political leaders would never say that we are pulling our troops out by a certain date, so just lay low and rehearse your plan for taking over when we leave. Smart political leaders would never talk about a red line that cannot be crossed and then do nothing when that line is repeatedly crossed with thousands of casualties.

Unfortunately the USA does not have a smart leader in charge at this time.


I just wish he wouldn’t say things that get peoples dander up. Especially after seeing what Putin said today. I’m very afraid.


EmperorNapoleon, Planning against ISIS is not simple, but… the administration has known about ISIS since last year (and before that al-Qaeda in Iraq.) ISIS took 1/3 of Iraq early this year and Mosul and Tikrit in June. This is now the end of August, and the President preemps is Press Secretary’s normal daily briefing and announced to the world he doesn’t have a plan to fight ISIS.

OK, so either Obama is the most talented war tactician of this century…, or, it is also possible: he really doesn’t know what to do.… or he made a gaffe.

He doesn’t have a track record that would lead me to believe the first option. I really, really hope it isn’t the second, but it seems like it is. Then again maybe it was the third and we will be surprised in the next few days.

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