Obama opens third military base to deal with flood of illegal child immigrants




President Obama is not fit to lead this country.

Neither is Hillary Clinton.


HOUSTON, Texas–The massive influx of adults and minors crossing into the U.S. from Mexico, Guatemala, Honduras, and El Salvador has brought the Customs and Border Protection agency (CPB) past its capacity to provide security at the U.S./Mexico border, according to the National Border Patrol Council (NBPC).

In an interview with Breitbart Texas, NBPC Vice President Shawn Moran revealed that the Mexican cartels control the flow of illegal immigrants across Mexico through the monopoly on coyotes, otherwise known as human smugglers. “Mexican cartels are exploiting this crisis to get their shipments through. They know our schedules, our shifts, our manpower, and how we react to these situations,” said Vice President Moran.

“The cartels control the flow of people from south of our border. The coyotes are mostly at the employ of the cartels. They rent the smuggling routes that are protected by the cartel enterprises. We are being completely reactive and chasing the cartel activity.




This is horrible. They are warehousing these poor children in inhuman conditions.

There are plenty of unoccupied houses that have been taken because they were foreclosed. They should go down to Honduras, El Salvador, and Guatemala, get the parents and sign those unoccupied houses over to the families.

Then the government should take all of the autos that have been repossessed and give them to the families.

And give them a debit card with $3,000 per family member per month, an Obamaphone, and an Obamacare health card…

(Once all the unoccupied houses are taken care of, then they should confiscate houses from rich capitalists who live in Republican states. Once the repossessed cars are taken care of, they should give them all new Chevy Volts)

And while they are at it, they should give them all Democratic Party voter registration cards. The fathers, the mothers, and the children. 3 voter registrations each.


What the heck? How dare you! Denying them a smartphone and computer. That is just cruel.


It is really horrible that this is happening. Something needs to be done but I don’t know what.


:frowning: We’re between a rock and hard place. Take in all those children and risk having every child conceived south of the border show up on our door step taxing our already struggling economy and risking the welfare of the citizens the government is supposed to opporating on behalf of


send them back home to less than ideal situations and be called heartless meanies. (Not to mention feeling bad for those poor kids)

Some decisions really bite.


I have a sneaky feeling this whole thing was planned and is being followed out exactly as planned…We all know the cartels control most of what goes on in regards to these border crossings, so I bet they decided to pack about 50 semi trucks completely full of drugs, guns, and then overload the border agents all the sudden, and WALAAH…they have an open door to drive their load right on thru without even being looked at!

These cartel leaders are pretty intelligent, and MAY be getting help from the CIA as well, it was common knowledge the CIA was directly involved in the illegal drug trade in the 70s, I have a feeling they never got out if it though…too much money to be made imo, no one would be able to turn that down, especially not Govt!!

This is just an opinion though, I have a feeling it is not what it seems to be with all these people suddenly crossing the border at once. Its about drugs, money or human smuggling, one of the three for sure, but the real question is, how does the US go about even trying to get this under control, especially when many of these cartels have more money than the US Army?




We are being invaded. We will not turn children away. They know that. Meanwhile, the border guards are busy with the kids and work on the border is not being done. Why can’t the National Guard be called in?

And why can’t we build a wall to keep the illegals out? If we lose our borders, and we are, we lose our soverignity. You cannot have a country without borders.

How do these kids manage to get from Central America through Mexico to the US? None of the authorities see these buses of kids?

No US citizen should travel anywhere in Mexico or Central America first for the Marine being held there and secondly in protest for these kids.

Also note that if a citizen had dumped a kid on the streets of any town in this country, they’d be charged. What is with the federal government that dumped these kids.

And more kids are coming.


It might just be a lot less work to invade the southern countries and make them part of the US.

While we’re at it, we can take Canada too. We won’t need the military to do that, just a strongly worded note and we should be good. :stuck_out_tongue:


Should be becoming crystal clear. :shrug:

I sure hope Canada is as open minded to the save the world program as we are, because for sure the road leads north. We should expedite the path. :thumbsup:


I dont think a US invasion of northern Mexico would be successful, the cartels would utterly destroy our forces imo, plus if you thought Vietnam was a quagmire, wait until the US invades mexico!! lol


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