Obama: Opponents of Stimulus Plan 'Unpatriotic'

I’m just at a loss for words:


Then call me unpatriotic.

I still don’t understand how it was crucial that the plan be passed through the senate and congress so quickly that they weren’t given time to read it, and yet they have only spent 5%. What happened to the urgency?

Common sense says you read the biggest spending plan (or anything you sign on) in our history before signing it. Shame on every politician that signed on.

The pro- Iraq invasion also used this tactic against those who opposed them.

It might be helpful to read where the author categorizes this article on his site:


Because he says so, doesn’t make it so.

“Consider the source!” My mother would have said.

Anyone who disagrees with a left winger is labeled unpatriotic.

I went to one of those tea parties and plan to go to one on July 4th - I am not only unpatriotic, but a terrorist.

Now, after 8 years of the ‘I hate Bush’ crowd’s daily spew and some of them going and hugging such thugs as Chavez, going to Iraq to help Saddam and running back home with their tails between their legs when they found out he wanted them to be placed near the targets that might be targeted by our troops, or the adulation of Che, etc - is just totally sickening. Look at their behavior towards such ilk as Kim Jong Il - I will never forget ugly on ugly (Al Bright and Kim Jung Il smooching)

This latest fad with the adulation of Obama is also sickening. In their eyes he can do no wrong. The media, and left wingers, did nothing to tell people that Obama won’t show us his birth certificate and has so far spent $900,000.00 to keep it from being seen. They trivialized his voting record in the Senate AND his attendance record - both were abyssmal. The list goes on. And now Obama has at least quadrupled our debt and not a peep out of them - if it were Bush - the ‘I hate Bush’ crowd’s wailing and whining would be deafening.

BTW, the stimulus plan isn’t working. Obama said the unemployment percentage wouldn’t go over 8% - it is now close to 10%. Under Obama the gas is going up again and all he does is… well, nothing. He says now that it will be ‘pay as we go’ which means he is going to raise taxes. And ACORN - that organization that Obama is tied to is given a pass by the left wingers and the media, except for Fox news (Glenn Beck and O’Reilly).

Look at Letterman and his venom against Palin’s daughter. Oh, they don’t touch the daughters of the Democrats - but the Republican’s kids are fair game? this is just hateful.

Well, with Republicans hoping the administration would fail, is that view unpatriotic? I consider it highly selfish and unpatriotic.

We don’t pledge allegiance to a president or a ruling party. We pledge allegiance to a flag. Were all those hoping for Richard Nixon’s impeachment also unpatriotic?

I think the allegation that “Republicans (are) hoping the administration would fail…” is getting so old that it has surely accumulated a scurf of mold by now. It’s also discredited. The only similar thing I have ever heard any Republican say is that the speaker hopes Obama fails in his effort (alleged) to impose socialism on this country.

That’s a very different thing.

I would like to clarify my post. All politicians, Republican and democrat should be ashamed of signing this bill. This wasn’t getting through the Senate without the ok of republicans. George Bush at the advice of Hank Paulson endorsed the first plan.

In this context I hope he fails too.

My husband and I have always chosen to live within our means.

How many we have seen get into trouble with credit cards and debt.

We are using this administration as a learning tool for our daughters.

We don’t want them to think they can spend themselves into prosperity.

Pray :gopray: and Watch :popcorn:

“The proof is in the pudding!” my mother would have said.

We shall see. Once the pudding sets.

+Dominus Vobiscum.

Yes, agreed. Regardless of the party, any President who tries to bring socialism to the United States should fail.

Them failing means we win. Socialism is failed, even the Russians, Chinese and some in the UK are telling us not to go down that road - and Obama runs merrily down the road listening to no one.

Today, Chavez put a halt to the Pepsi business. that is what happens to state run businesses - the thug in charge can just put a halt to it not thinking about anyone (workers) or anything - just that whatever Chavez wants, he gets.

With the left wingers/Democrats want Bush to fail - I would say that don’t call the kettle black.

They actually don’t want socialism, or Obama’s policies to succeed. That is patriotic. Democrats did not want Bush to succeed and don’t even try to say they did. We lived through 8 years of unpatriotic Bush bashing and military bashing. It was a long 8 years. I don’t think we will have to endure Obama for 8 with the shape he is putting our economy in.

And the Chinese are teaching us how to be effective capitalists! The irony!

If “effective capitalism” entails destroying the environment, little to no worker rights, child labor, and all the other niceties of Chinese capitalism, I’ll pass.

And giving free reign to the Unions which are nothing but stooges for the government now - no thanks.

I belonged to a Union when I was younger and they did NOTHING - AND THEY GOT PAID when they had us striking.

After the military, I didn’t have to join a Union and I made sure others knew what they are about. I don’t like the idea that they take other’s money and vote for left wing Marxists.

At least with a company (eg: AT&T) I can call them up and tell them I will not do business with them if they continue supporting things like abortion, etc. And yes, I do that when I find out things. Now, if enough people do that sort of thing - we control the companies. The Unions take away our freedoms - we have NO control.

If you don’t like a company - quit and move on. That is what I did and I am considered successful. There is no reason why anyone has to accept bad things. If people would behave more like individuals/adults rather than ones who want someone else to take care of them - we wouldn’t have to sell our way of life to the Marxists whose true intentions are not being told to us.

Or we could look at history and find out what the true intentions of Marxists are: denial of freedoms (speech and religion), totalitarian types of governments, anti-semitism, anti-Christian, etc.

(take a look at government owned ‘everything’ and who controls people’s lives - the thug in power, eg: Chavez, Castro, etc)

Exactly. Although he wrote this one in a much more believable way than the other satire articles, such as

Obama to Show Solidarity with American Public, Will Trade in Presidential Limo for 1990 Chevy Lumina

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