Obama orders review of election hacking



WASHINGTON — President Obama has ordered a full review of hacking-relating activity possibly linked to attempts to disrupt the November presidential election. He wants the report before he leaves office on January 20.


No matter who you voted for, we should all support the notion that no country has the right to interfere in our elections and if found to have done so, steps should be taken to prevent future such actions. I have to admit though, I don’t see how a project of this scope can be completed before he leaves office.


Agreed, on all points.


So what happens if it isn’t done by January 20th? What recourse does he have on January 21st?


None that I could name. His authority ends with the inauguration.


Indeed. It seems to me that was 100% political.


He could make a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request for as many details as allowed.

I agree. It will probably repeat what was released and noted in this article. Nancy Pelosi should be more upset her party can’t seem to secure data. That can be scary if the server has real sensitive national security info.


His authority to enforce the generation of the report disappears when he’s gone from office. And he set the deadline at a point where enforcement is impossible to secure. In other words, hand waving and do-goodery. Meaningless.


Any citizen can make a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request.


Right. But this request for a report not just a simple FOIA request.


Of course.

The question is whether such a report could be trusted. It is very easy to falsify this stuff–both for the one doing the report and for the one doing the hacking (if it is occurring).


I see.

I doubt a full report would be made public (i.e., containing what method was used to exploit, and who found what ip…etc). But my point was, about all Obama could do after leaving office is requesting as many parts be made public.

But the point of the exercise may be trying to make Trump admit he may have been wrong about it being a certain foreign nation involved. And of course, trying to make this a rally cry that the dems lost in an under-handed way.


Probably all that he will learn is what the word innuendo means…unless Assange spills his guts, it’ll be the best conspiracy theory since JFK.


But is it OK when the US interferes in foreign elections or choice of governments?



I agree. if you want a full investigation I would think you would need more time than 6 weeks.


good point!


:thumbsup: I agree.


Yes, but who is running this? We all know who Obama backed and wanted to win, so who is going to be investigating this and ensuring the integrity of this investigation?

If the results are changed to such an extent that Trump & Pence are no longer president and vice president elect, I will certainly call bull.

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We interfere in other nation’s elections, most recently the Brexit vote in Great Britain. Trying to influence the internal politics of allies and enemies is a key part of all nation’s foreign ministries.


Interestingly enough, I discovered that my brother and I could have voted on that referendum since we are dual citizens. I realize it wouldn’t have affected the final tally but just sayin…

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