Obama Places Sweeping Ban on Offshore Drilling in Atlantic and Arctic Waters


From NBC News.




Good for him. We shouldn’t be desperately scrounging for more oil to feed our technology addiction, especially at possible cost to the planet that God gave us.


Just drill on the beach.


This move by Obama is clever. With low oil prices there is less likelihood any capital is interested in such oil exploration. They will remain focused on the known resources they are tapping with fracking.


Oil is used in the production of plastics. If we got rid of it, no more small smart phones or tires for cars.

Besides, this move is just purely political for the low-information crowd as he knows once Trumps takes office in a month he’ll reverse it.


And then OPEC will react and so on and so on.


This is all speculation. Alternatives to reduce the oil-derived chemicals for tires exist.



I’m sure they do, and if they were marketable they’d already be in the manufacturing process.


Well, if we drill our own oil, build more nuclear power plants and even get solar and wind where applicable/sustainable, then we won’t have to worry about OPEC.

If we don’t drill and do crony deals like Solyndra, then OPEC it is.


I’m against nuclear power. The spent fuel rods are dangerous and safe disposal is unacceptably high in cost.



Ed, the technology of the past, I agree. There have been developments that offers one of a few promising power alternatives.


I didn’t say get rid of oil.


When Trump does reverse it (which I’m sure he will) it will be one him. If Obama had taken your advice, Trump could have gotten what he wanted without incurring any political price, because all he would have to do is to do nothing. That way Trump would not look bad to environmentalists. This way Trump will have to take a stand.


So that makes Cuba and this off-shore ban as his only enduring legacy, :eek:
everything being reversed by mid year.


And then everything will be reversed again once the Democrats regain control after Mr. Trump’s disastrous presidency…


What if he is very successful as president?


But Trump is merely a spearhead. Oh he’s a businessman taking the advantage where he can find it. The 2014 and 2016 elections are a snapshot to the American people of the “fly over land.” More than a few are not for Trump but are for what is precieved as their rights, that includes self sufficiency, self determination, independence and freedom. The Constitution comes in here somewhere. But in general, there is an anger against progressivism, political correctness, universal acceptance (provided they are favored groups) and the lack of warrented self pride. It did not have to be Trump… just so it was not the democratic platform. Trump could be out in 2020 but the people who put him in will have just been getting started.:shrug::smiley:


Actually the world sets the price on oil and we produce accordingly. Produce too much and companies go out of business or consolidate. We have to maintain some kind of balance without regulations if possible.


I’m guessing the oil off the west coast shores is some of the easier oil to get. After all, it bubbles to the surface in the form of tar balls. So there must be some very fluid oil down there not too far from the surface.


“Made in the USA” is obsolete? Thorium has been known for a long time as a replacement for uranium but few people know that. Germany was developing a “pebble bed” reactor, but some plants were shut down relatively recently. The molten salt method is being used in the United States with a solar array that directs the sun’s energy, melts the salt, which heats water, which is recaptured, to run a standard, off the shelf turbine to generate electricity.

No dangerous fuels.
No meltdown possibility, aside from a possible rupture in the molten salt storage tank.
Cheaper than a nuclear reactor.



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