Obama points finger at Britain, France over Libya chaos



President Barack Obama has strongly criticized the leaders of Great Britain and France for their policy toward Libya after the 2011 overthrow of dictator Muammar Qaddafi, saying that he was mistaken to believe the U.S.’ European allies would be “more invested in the follow-up” to Qaddafi’s fall.

Obama made the remarks in an interview with The Atlantic magazine. The criticisms of British Prime Minister David Cameron, in particular, are some of the strongest of a sitting U.K. leader by a sitting president.

In the interview, Obama calls the situation in Libya a “mess” in part because he says Cameron became “distracted by a range of other things.”

“When I go back and I ask myself what went wrong, there’s room for criticism, because I had more faith in the Europeans,” Obama says.

Obama also said that he had warned Cameron that the so-called “special relationship” between Britain and the U.S. would end if the London government did not commit to spending 2 percent of its GDP on defense.

“Free riders aggravate me,” Obama says at one point in the interview.


If you could find a story where Mr Obama took responsibility for one of his bad decisions and issued an apology, that would be real news.

This story is surprising coming from a man that wants the US to be more like Europe. The next president will have a HUGE job repairing the damage done by both the foreign and domestic policies of Mr Obama. It will take at least an entire generation, not just a four year term.


If you could eat this man’s ego, it would solve world hunger.


Just one more of many times we have suffered his great lack of character.


I agree, except that I would replace the name “Mr. Obama” with "Mr. Bush."


Others on CAF think that Mr. Obama’s “character” is just fine, even exemplary. We don’t think so much of some republicans, however.


Oh, stop it. He is for abortion on demand and gay so called marriage, for crying out loud.


Regardless of whose fault it is, Libya presents a problem that must be dealt with.

In WWII, Britain took Libya away from Italy and Germany. The British installed a monarchy. Gaddafi overthrew the monarchy. The Obama administration, with Hillary Clinton as SoS, overthrew him. Hillary Clinton boasted publicly about killing Gaddafi: “We came, we saw, he died.” Libya has turned into a civil war situation. It joins Somalia, Syria, Iraq, and Afghanistan as targets of Islamic terrorist groups. The civilized world cannot ignore these countries.


With President Obama, the buck always stops over there. He’s NEVER accepted responsibility for any of his multitude of failures. Not surprising.


President Obama has criticized European countries for reducing their defense spending for several years. While it is a knee-jerk reaction for many to criticize every word that Obama utters, I think that most Republican leaders would agree that it is unfair for the U.S. to shoulder an outsized share Europe’s defense burden. He’s absolutely correct.


It would be difficult to imagine a more outrageous statement than the one in which he blames Europe for his and Hillary Clinton’s misjudgment and catastrophic failure in the war against Libya. Never would those countries have acted had it not been for Obama getting the U.S. involved as the “lead country” in it. Never.

And, of course, Obama started it without even telling congress, let alone ask them for advice or authority for it.

And then to blame the European countries for not enough involvement in the disasterous aftermath. The Brits were there. They are the ones who warned Hillary Clinton that there was not adequate security against terrorists in Benghazi; a warning she ignored.




More of these - :thumbsup::thumbsup::thumbsup:


:rotfl::rotfl::rotfl: oh dear… I am speechless!


Obama will be known as the singular worst choice for President by people who wanted him to be the very best. As he revealed all the failure he felt the U.S. deserved, many heads were privately lowered with disfavor. Because of the highest hopes for him to succeed, his supporters held steady. Now that his time is ending most supporters have quieted. However, some will never admit to the great mistake. The rest of those who love and care for the U.S. are left to deal with the remains. Serious consideration must given to repairing
the divisiveness, trust, respect and relations with our allies and friends.


Whoever is saying it, it’s perhaps a bit exaggerated as a complaint.

The U.S. has about 67,000 troops in Europe. France has about double that amount. Germany about triple. Britain about four times as many.

U.S. forces as a whole, worldwide, are much larger than European forces, but in Europe itself, the other countries’ total troops far outnumber American troops. For NATO purposes, strictly speaking, all countries in Europe, including the U.S. are probably underperforming if the primary purpose is defending against the only likely invader, Russia.

Now, if one thinks of it in worldwide terms, the complaint has merit. Trouble is, the big danger to Europe is right next door to them, while ours are all overseas. Not surprisingly, the Anglosphere, which has ocean barriers against all potential enemies, is the most involved in overseas conflicts among NATO countries, and the most capable of conducting them. Necessarily, continental powers’ militaries are mostly defensive. The same is true of South Korea. The U.S. forces there are very small, while the SoKo army is huge; vastly larger than any European force. But then, they have NoKo on their border.


Obama, whatever view one takes of his record as a whole, has never been much of an Atlanticist. He was born in Hawaii and it seems his heart has always been in the Pacific. He is the first President, I feel, who has really made a concerted effort to de-emphasise the British and more generally European origins of American nationhood. He has never had much time for Europe. He’s very cosy with the Australians though.

And he has shown particular contempt for Britain, which is a bit unfair if you ask me since so many people here were happy when he was elected. Talk about a slap in the face. Indeed if one were of a conspiracy theorist nature, one might think that he has gone out of his way to sideline the ‘special relationship’ between our two countries. For him to criticize the record of a sitting Prime Minister so stridently and openly is, to say the least, pretty jaw-dropping. It borders on the sheer offensive, actually. I am no great fan of David Cameron but I doubt that he is deserving of this full-frontal verbal assault.

It is not very diplomatic and I notice that Washington attempted damage limitation by sending the BBC a beautifully worded letter in advance of this news breaking, gushing about the UK. Hmm.

I think this was a low-blow. I’m a neutral on Obama by the way. I’ve never been entirely against or for him as an outsider but IMHO this was just low.


It’s ALWAYS someone else’s fault.
This president is truly incredible…and not in a good way.
I can truthfully say that the only thing I’ve NEVER heard
him blame someone else for are his two children.
( But maybe THAT was Bush’s fault too… ).


Harry Truman: “The Buck Stops Here.”

Barack Obama: “Buck? I don’t see a buck. You see a buck? Oh - maybe Bush has got the buck.”


Amen brother.

I’m sure your aware of the tasteless gifts both Obama and his wife have given Great Britain. Like the gift of 25 DVD’s? I guess he sent an aide to Wal-Mart for that one! Pathetic. And who can forget the classlessness he showed immediately upon entering office, when he gave the bust of Winston Churchill, that has sat in the White House since 9/11 back to GB! Yikes!!!

Yes, he is no fan of GB, but the American people are!:thumbsup:

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