Obama proposes rules to strengthen gun background check system



The Obama administration on Friday put forward two proposals to strengthen the federal gun background check system so that relevant mental health information is shared more efficiently with the states. In the absence of any hope for congressional action on the issue of gun control, the proposals are for two new executive actions.

The first proposal, from the Justice Department, is for more specific regulations clarifying who is prohibited from possessing a firearm under federal law for reasons related to mental health. For instance, the agency would clarify that the statutory term “committed to a mental institution” includes involuntary inpatient as well as outpatient commitments. The rule change comes in response to complaints from states that the terminology used to bar people from purchasing guns for mental health reasons is too ambiguous.

The second proposed regulation from the Health and Human Services (HHS) Department in response to state complaints that they can’t submit relevant information to the federal background check system because of privacy provisions in the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act’s (HIPAA). The proposed HHS rule would give certain HIPAA-covered entities permission to submit limited information to the background check system.


Obama is gonna take all our guns and our jrrrrrrbs!! AHH!!!


In a world where two-thirds are struggling to stay alive, Americans once again fanatically argue for the ability to kill.




The privacy issue regarding mental health is going to be challenging. We may find people on both the Right and the Left opposed to the second regulation on that basis. Further, the definition of mental illness itself is tricky because there are so many different categories, some more severe than others, and also because there is such a thing as recovery. Should recovered mental health patients be restricted from purchasing guns because of their history? The devil is in the details of these proposals.


I think it is a shame that Obama is wasting his time on the matter. I am a strong supporter of gun rights, and don’t think gun control is the answer for these shootings. This doesn’t seem too bad, but once the government starts controlling guns, they will keep on going, until our right is wiped away entirely. The liberals keep whining that so many children are killed because of guns. Well, what about abortion where millions of babies are murdered every year? I hope that Congress and the Courts will stand up against this, and not give in.


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More like the ability to protect oneself and ones family


Or perhaps, to protect ourselves and loved ones.


From other “law abiding citizens” right?


Exactly! From the “law abiding citizens” who steal guns or buy them on the street, break into your home, or mug you on the street!


Or buy them from unlicensed dealers at gun shows or from family and friends.


I read a news report of a knife fight in Windsor Ontario Canada. I couldn’t help but to think that if it was across the boarder in Detroit it would have been a gun fight. Why? Because it is much more difficult to get a gun in Canada then it is in the USA. There is far less gun violence in Canada then the USA even though are cultures are very similar. I’ve to many different countries around the world and the USA is the only country that seems like my own. Except for the gun violence.


As an owner of guns, a concealed carry license and an avid target shooter, I have to admit that this seems to be an insult to me and others like me. I have no intention of killing anyone, unless they are trying to kill me or my family. I do not hunt and I have absolutely no intention of ever harming anyone, but I will use my weapons to protect myself or others when in danger. You are judging all of us in one lump and that is not fair,

Suggesting that this is over people wanting to kill others is simply not right and frankly very insulting to people like myself who place the welfare of the human race very high. I am very disturbed that anyone would think that because I own and shoot guns that I want to kill or do not care about the people who are struggling to survive on a daily basis. That is judgmental and ridiculous and I can assure you very wrong. I would post a sarcastic sigh…but I was very insulted by those who did that.


I regularly enjoy your threads but this response has insulted me greatly, nobody is arguing for the chance to kill and you know that. Owning guns does not mean that you want to kill people. I, as well as many other gun owners, spend countless amount of time and money trying to help the people who are struggling in their daily life. There are several people on this forum that I have anonymously supported this year as well as many in my community. I am insulted that this generalization would have your :thumbsup:


“As an owner of guns, a concealed carry license”. mountee could you tell me if there are many in your state that carry concealed weapons? Are there shootings from more or less law abiding citizens just because they have a weapon and react in anger? It would make me uneasy to go somewhere where there are many people carrying concealed weapons when I have nothing to protect myself or for that matter would probably I assume even if I had a weapon couldn’t use it properly.


In a world where two-thirds are struggling to to survive, people intentionally misrepresent a position they disagree with in an immature attempt to make the other side look less legitimate. Were your previous 41000+ posts as silly and wrong as this one?


In a world where two-thirds of people are struggling to survive, why are you fanatically arguing against their ability to defend their own life? You should be ashamed. Two-thirds!!


I understand and share your concerns, I chose to get a CCl because I wanted the education that accompanies getting certified, you have a lot of course work as well as practical training and you have to pass a written test as well as qualify on a range before you get the license. I will be honest with you, I have no idea how many people are carrying around me, licensed or not. You have to understand that the people who are carrying with a license to carry do not intend to do you harm… Actually, you would be very fortunate for my husband to be in the movie with you, or the grocery store, etc., if someone started shooting, as he would try to stop it and save you and me and everyone else. I have traveled extensively through Canada for many years, I understand your concerns and why you have them. But, I hope you can understand that our situation is different here.


The percentages of adults with concealed carry licenses dramatically differ by state and county. Some counties have a surprisingly high rate of citizens with licenses.

Concealed carry licenses have been out long enough for quite a bit of statistical analysis, overwhelmingly with honest analysis we’ve found that high concealed carry rates lowers crime and that those licensed to carry are less likely to enter into altercations. Even many initially opposed to citizens exercising their legal rights to carry, have acknowledged those statistics.

There’s no reason to be uneasy, as the whole notion is that they’re concealed, you don’t know who’s armed. Even than, the people who are have gone through extensive background checks, training, and qualifications. Remember, they’re the good guys… The criminals and gangsters don’t apply for these.


Why oh why can’t he just stay on vacation? On the surface, the regulations don’t seem out of line. And for a normal president, who has respect for the citizens, it wouldn’t be a problem. However, I trust this administration about as far as I can throw them. They have the annoying habit of trying to twist words to mean something that they don’t.

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