Obama’s Contraception Spin Machine: The administration misreads the Catholic Church yet again.

Indeed, the entire White House strategy in this affair — however successfully it may have conned progressive Catholics and much of the mainstream media — suggests that the administration has failed to reckon with the sea change that has taken place in the religious leadership of the Catholic Church in the United States. The administration announced the HHS mandate without any prior consultation with the bishops’ conference, seemingly confident that the conference would acquiesce. When that didn’t happen, the administration consulted Catholic collaborationists in order to come up with an “accommodation” it was confident that the bishops would buy. And when that bit of fakery was rejected by the bishops’ conference for the shell game it clearly was, the administration was caught off guard yet again. Thus the White House was left with a strange Catholic Lite coalition — small-circulation magazines like America and Commonweal, a trade association with a deeply vested interest in keeping HHS happy (the CHA), thoroughly implausible characters like Pepperdine’s Douglas Kmiec, and administration-friendly liberal Catholic journalists — as its allies in selling the spin that a) the HHS mandate had nothing to do with religious freedom, b) the mandate was all that stood between the Republic’s women and medieval sexual peonage, and c) the bishops were being sectarian and unreasonable.


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There is the hypocracy that the government should stay out of women’s bedrooms and wombs and the demand that the government provide contraception and abortion.

There is a very strong contingent of leftist Democrats, often led by militant feminists, for whom this particular type of social issue trumps everything else. No, they don’t want the government in the bedroom, but they do want subsidized sex.

What is really disturbing is that it seems to be this far left contingent which controls the White House, pushing issues of subidized contraception, access to abortion, homosexual marriage, etc. And this far left group’s views on such social issues has caused it to make war on the Catholic Church. I expect that the administration will continue its war on the Church. If it gets a second term, the Church will face increasing levels of persecution.

No, they might not send us to internment centers for recalcitrant Catholics. But Catholics and the Church will face mandates, regulations, laws, fines, and harassment intended to marginalize us.

Catholics who will accept the federal government as their pope will be welcomed; Catholics who are faithful to the Church will be marginalized. Practicing Catholics will become like the Amish, treated as a small, crazy, fringe group. Except that the Amish are sort of tolerated with some condescension, whereas traditional Catholics will be hated, viciously attacked, and treated contemptuously

Well Said.

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