Obama Says Pot No More Dangerous Than Alcohol



In a new interview President Obama has made statements that could put him in the middle of the controversy over legalizing marijuana.

As more states have legalized the drug, President Obama in a lengthy interview in the New Yorker magazine said he believed marijuana was not more dangerous than alcohol.

“As has been well documented, I smoked pot as a kid, and I view it as a bad habit and a vice, not very different from the cigarettes that I smoked as a young person up through a big chunk of my adult life. I don’t think it is more dangerous than alcohol,” Obama told the New Yorker.

When asked if he believes marijuana is less dangerous than alcohol, the president is quoted as saying he thinks it was less dangerous “in terms of its impact on the individual consumer.” However, he said he’s told his daughters he thinks “it’s a bad idea.”


Considering that Mr. Obama fully supports the Holocaust of abortion, his judgment on other issues should be regarded with extreme caution.




I agree that pot is less dangerous than alcohol and tobacco. It should 100% be legal before alcohol should be legal, and I would even be okay with it over tobacco. However, in order to use it morally, you would have to smoke almost nothing, as you are not allowed to ingest substances to the point of losing your ability to reason properly.


I think we will regret legalizing marijuana. We’ll see what happens in this experiment. Problem is if it fails, how can we ever go back?


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That about sums up what I was thinking.


I am surprised he said that because it no doubt be used for the advancement on non criminalization of pot which will lead to arrests for possession which in turn will have a negative effect on private prison profits. But more importantly less arrests of youths and minorities.


I agree that it is less dangerous it makes me wonder how alcohol is legal yet people die by drunk drivers daily and cigarettes cause cancer. Marijuana has so many medical benefits as well that have done wonders for those who suffer from medical conditions. I have never seen anyone act violent on marijuana compared to those who get intoxicated.


Yeah, like alcohol is so wonderfully safe.


Hey - just in time for the Pot Bowl. (Super Bowl is between Denver and Seattle - the two cities that have legalized pot).





I don’t necessarily disagree with him especially when you think of it in the culture that we live in where people regularly get very drunk. Overdosing on pot is virtually impossible, not so with alcohol. Some people do terribly violent things on alcohol, this isn’t typical of those who smoke pot. Driving under the influence of both can dangerously inhibit the driver, so that’s a problem either way.

I’ve never smoked it and never care to, but there’s no denying that what he says is at least true in a sense.

The difference is that drinking alcohol in moderation and responsibly is perfectly healthy and doesn’t have any of those negative side effects, whereas with marijuana unless you build up a really high tolerance to it, then you’re always going to get high.


He seems to have lost the 8 points of IQ from his pot smoking.


I have a lot I’d like to add, but none of it would be positive so I’ll refrain.


I agree.


I think most sensible people recognize pot is not that dangerous, and definitely less dangerous than alcohol and tobacco. No one has ever overdosed on pot, and people do not get violent from it.

I saw a couple cops they asked about this, and what I found odd, was these cops said they did not agree with legalizing it. I wondered about this for awhile, why would police even have an opinion about this? Their job is to enforce laws, I dont think anyone is interested in their opinions of what should be legal and what should not be, and really NO police officer should even have an opinion about such things, it kind of shows them in a biased light…IMO, they should not have an opinion about laws, or know better to mention it publicly anyway. The more news articles I read about police abusing their power lately has really made me loose respect for law enforcement.

From what Ive seen lately, they have forgotten that US citizens MUST be presumed innocent until proven guilty, in todays world, it is almost like they do it the opposite way. Something really needs to be done about this, maybe police should not have the amount of power and authority they currently have?


As a paramedic, Seeing as I’ve never responded to a fatal collision caused by marijuana use or a marijuana overdose but I’ve been on countless alcohol OD’s, accidents and fatalities,

I’d say he’s wrong because marijuana is far less dangerous than alcohol.


Good grief people, do you not understand that just because pot smokers don’t get violent (neither do 99% of those who use alcohol) doesn’t mean this is NOT a very dangerous and addictive drug. Are you aware pot is the number one drug that results in entering treatment? Are you aware that the impact of long term pot smoking is a dimunition in brain power, educatability, and ambition? Are you aware that pot stays in your body for almost a month? Are you aware that the strength of pot available now is far greater than when we baby boomers were toking?

Countries and states that have initially legalized or decriminalized pot have reversed course?

Further the ONLY reason to smoke pot is to get high. If you want the “medical” benefits you can take a pill containing the active ingredient THC. This is NOT the case with alcohol.

And if you believe our prisons are filled with pot smokers you believe in lies. Go into an urban community where drugs rule and ask the mothers how innocent pot use is in their children’s lives.

I’m not talking a crazed Reefer Madness but basic truth.



I stand by my statement. I’ve NEVER in 13 years responded to a pot OD or fatality or injury or crash or harm to another.

Not saying everyone should smoke it, just that alcohol is 1000 times more a problem.


Right on. It seems, also, that marijuana users are more judicious with its use than those who abuse alcohol.

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