Obama says rise of Trump was racist reaction to 'having a black man in the White House', blasts President for birtherism and says the rot set into GOP when McCain named Sarah Palin as running mate

Barack Obama slams [Republicans]( as xenophobic and paranoid in his forthcoming memoir, which focuses on his first term in the White House.

In the 768-page tome, entitled ‘A Promised Land’ and out on November 17, Obama reflects on his political career but divulges in the personal, admitting life in the White House increased his smoking habit and caused tension in his marriage with [Michelle]

It seems this book will only cause more division.

He also speaks to race relations in the United States, writing it was his own historic election as the nation’s first black president that sparked some of the current division in the country.

That seems like a good thing to bring out at this moment. :roll_eyes:

Oh by the way, does Obama bring up how he ordered more drone strikes than Bush did?


So no pointing the finger at himself for his, Hillary’s and Biden’s warmongering ways? Like somehow it didn’t enter into their calculations that a lot of American voters would not appreciate those forever wars? Like somehow he forgot about the nationwide reaction in 2013 to his attempt to embroil us in a war in Syria based on what turned out to be a false flag operation?



The rot set into the Democratic Party when it decided to get behind Bill Clinton, the perjuring lawyer.
Both parties are equally rotten.


Obama did so much destruction with his race baiting…

And now we’re reaping the harvest of it.

Thanks Obama


The timing for this book is bad right in the middle of election division, wonder if he thought about this or if this was planned.

the truth hurts.


Republicans don’t support abortion law that may be aborting up to a half of all African American unborn. Democrats do.

Republicans don’t support infanticide. Some Democrats do.

Some should take this into consideration if you are talking about the truth. .

It would make a good headline.

Maybe one could lay out the credentials on why they have the right to accuse or target others.


So a bunch of racists elected a black man as president? . . .


Thinking something similar here.

There was a time when former presidents bowed out and kept their opinions to themselves.


Those were normal times, when the loser accepted the defeat. But there are graceful losers and there are sore losers. And there is Trump. :rofl: And if you wish to drag in Gore’s fight in Florida, the difference was a tad over 500 votes, and not over ten thousands.


Yes and he was elected twice. It took a lot of white votes to elect him.


What’s this for to do with Al Gore or Trump?

This is obama making an incendiary speech during an already tumultuous situation.
He is just trying to fan flames.
He is out of line. . . .


You do realize that the Dems plotted impeachment before Trump took office and spent the next three years perpetuating a lie he colluded with Russia? So it is quite laughable when Dems call out Trump for not accepting the results of an election.


It’s too bad that Obama would write these things. I read the article. Obama attacks many things…for example he doesn’t have nice things to say about Mitch McConnell or even Boehner. Obama was never going to get the “Change” he wanted or ran on. Obama was never going to get the Utopia he wanted.

Sounds like being progressive makes you a bitter person.

I always liked St Peter ideas about “Change” from 2 Peter 3:8-9


Let’s not forget in the midst of debating the racial accusations made by Obama that he actively supported the greatest holocaust in black American history since the importation of slaves: the abortion of black babies. In other words, he acted against his own race as well as against babies of other races.


The U.S. Constitution spells out two requirements for those who wish to be the President of the United States:

  1. 35 years or older
  2. Born in the United States.

ONE document includes both of these pieces of information–the Birth Certificate.

If any of us apply for a job, we are often asked for various records proving who we are, what are our education is, what are certifications are (if needed for the job), etc. If we don’t submit these documents, we are usually not hired for that position. It has nothing to do with “prejudice” against us–it’s just proof that we really are who we say we are, and that we are really qualified for that job!

But instead of presenting his birth certificae, Barack Obama chose to make a huge issue out of this.

Donald Trump called him out, which shouldn’t surprise anyone, as Donald Trump has employed many people throughout his lifetime and is used to asking people for various documents and having people comply with this very reasonable request.

Barack Obama dug in his heels, set his jaw, clenched his fists, and said, “No, not gonna give it you! So there!”

At the time, I was disgusted by his behavior, and his continued refusal to offer proof that he met the two very simple requirements listed in the U.S. Constitution. I felt that his response was disrespectful of our Constitution, and of the American people, who have a right to know that their President truly meets the two very basic and simple requirement set forth in the Constitution.

Eventually, he complied, but only after a huge fight. Donald Trump refused to back down, even in the face of constant ridicule and accusations that he was a racist. This is so ridiculous–he had every right to say, “Do you meet those two requirements in our U.S. Constitution?” Every other President has to prove it–why was Barack Obama above the law?


I’m speaking in general here so I don’t know if this applies to his book or not…but, authors rarely if almost never determine the release of their books. That’s a publishing decision…as is the title of their book. They can suggest titles but the determination is all on the publishers.

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I wasn’t aware that white people were aborting or forcing black women to abort their children. I understand the numbers. I’m anti abortion. But these are black women aborting their own children. The races are aborting their own race so please don’t make it sound like this was forced on these minorities. Our society is failing all these women!


Barack Obama released his birth certificate in June 2008.

He released his long form birth certificate in 2011.

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