Obama says rise of Trump was racist reaction to 'having a black man in the White House', blasts President for birtherism and says the rot set into GOP when McCain named Sarah Palin as running mate

They come from the black communities so they must be criminals? Isn’t that what you’re implying?

Who said anything about black communities?
Who said they only come from black communities?
There are probably more whites living in low income government housing than blacks. It m not the one here pushing a stereotype.

It sounds like you’re implying it.


It can be accurate and by the way, let’s add in to the equation that yes, you may have an inner city, it’s close to 100% or 80% for the Democrats but that is just that concentrated area. Maybe one would see that in a Cleveland or wherever.

It is something to examine in context.

Again, what is the state of inner city Baltimore or whatever? Didn’t their mayor go to jail? I hardly see the DNC as helping these people.

Voting blocs.

It’s like one has to demonize the others, these cities are such failures, Minneapolis another. Why not blame it on others.

So, yes, there may not be that many votes in some parts, are those cities doing well? Often no.

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