Obama says Russia must stop meddling in Ukraine for ceasefire to work

Fantastic news!


*Ukraine’s President Petro Poroshenko has reached agreement with Russia’s Vladimir Putin on a “permanent ceasefire” in eastern Ukraine’s Donbass region, Mr Poroshenko’s press office has said.

“Mutual understanding was achieved concerning the steps which will enable the establishment of peace,” the statement said after Mr Poroshenko and Mr Putin spoke by telephone.

Pro-Russian separatists are battling Kiev’s forces in the mainly Russian-speaking Donbass region, which is home to most of Ukraine’s heavy industry and accounts for about 18% of the country’s economic output.

Astonishing, reasoning finally prevailed over the alpha male ego.

“permanent ceasefire”


Well spoke too soon - although a play on words. It’s understandable from the Ukrainian president’s viewpoint to bring Russia into the fray although Russia is not a party to the actual conflict, in the press release.

Either way, as long as peace is discussed between the Eastern separatists and Kiev and a ceasefire is implemented, that’s all for the good.


*Kremlin denied that there was an agreement reached between Presidents Petro Poroshenko of Ukraine and Vladimir Putin of Russia on a “permanent ceasefire” as “Russia is not party to Ukraine conflict”

Presidents Petro Poroshenko’s press service said in a statement that such agreement was reached over the phone. The original statement indicated a “permanent” ceasefire agreement was reached for Ukraine’s east, but made no details available. Later the word “permanent” was removed.

Putin’s spokesman Dmitry Peskov said earlier in the day that Putin and Poroshenko in a recent conversation discovered that they “largely share views” on peace solutions in Ukraine’s east. He said, however, the President Vladimir Putin did not agree to a ceasefire because Russia is not a party in Ukraine’s conflict, BBC reported.*

Like a ceasefire in Gaza! Perhaps the threat on the bond market made Putin rethink. Perhaps real action by NATO worked. Perhaps Putin stopped smoking the stuff.
Anyway I will personally believe it when I see it.

Or more likely Poroshenko has seen the light, running a bankrupt country, facing growing IMF debts, civilian Ukrainians extremely angry at the way their sons and husbands are being maltreated within the Ukrainian army, etc…

Putin has stated he cannot call a ceasefire as Russia are not involved in the conflict, however he has been trying to broker peace in the region.

Yes. your last statement may be correct unfortunately, but nothing to do with Putin. It will be for the separatists and Kiev to sort out peacefully between themselves.

I hope Ukraine strengthens itself and the West helps it against such agitators and tyrants as the Russians who have no right to any of that land.

Ukraine disarmed from nuclear weapons in '93-'94 and now fall prey to this aggressor nation.

Russia may need to carry out these invasions because of the Russian people’s own decline demographically inside their own nation.

Russia does not want Eastern Ukraine.

The Security Service of Ukraine Arrested a Subversive Group Preparing Terrorist Acts in Pavlograd

The Security Service of Ukraine (SBU) prevented a subversive group created by Russian special forces from committing a series of terrorist acts at industrial facilities in the Dnipropetrovsk region.

On September 1 the SBU counter-intelligence detained three members of a diversionary and sabotage group. The detainees are the residents of Pavlograd (Dnipropetrovsk region), the group was led by a local executive (owner of construction and trading companies). The criminals, in accordance with the instructions received from their handlers, prepared for attacks on a large industrial enterprise.

According to the criminal’s plan, these attacks were to destabilize the situation in the region, spread panic among the local population, and distract Ukrainian forces from the ATO zone.

Russia intends at least eastern Ukraine to become part of Russia, as with Crimea. But “Russia” will not see the gains. The good land and industries will all be gobbled up by Putin and his oligarchs, just as they did in Russia itself.

The only parties in this fight are Ukraine and Russia. Even those in eastern Ukraine want to remain part of Ukraine. pewglobal.org/2014/05/08/despite-concerns-about-governance-ukrainians-want-to-remain-one-country/

Yes they do, but with equal rights which were not very apparent after the coup, in February, hence the fighting in the first place.

Russian stocks have risen to their highest level in three months following the announcement of a ceasefire agreement with Ukraine.


What happened Putin forgot he was responsible for the rebels? The pressure is on, for Putin to talk to his rebels. He can’t lose face on this one, the stocks will drop by tomorrow.

The hypocrisy is stunning!

THe US can “meddle” all it wants, it can supply weapons, foment revolts, send mercenaries and commandos. But the instant that a sovereign nation tries to broker a cease fire-“Meddling, meddling!” the mob cries.

Hypocrisy - just as with Syria. The West wanting to airstrike Assad and Syria late last year, and now they want to hit Assad’s aggressors whom he has been fighting for years. :rolleyes:

So then, some are content with ISIS governing northern Syria and Iraq and with Putin sending the tanks into Ukraine. Takes all kinds.

“The warring parties should immediately coordinate and do the following things together,” Putin said in televised comments. "The first thing is for the armed forces and insurgents of the south-east of Ukraine to stop active advancing in the Donetsk and Luhansk regions.

“Second is for the Ukrainian military to withdraw their troops at a safe distance that will make artillery and other strikes on populated areas impossible,” he added.

Putin also urged an unconditional exchange of prisoners and said he expected a final agreement between Kiev and the rebels to be reached Friday at peace talks in Minsk, Belarus.


Putin will have it all wrapped up by Friday afternoon. :shrug:

It’s not to Putin. It’s up to the separatists and Kiev to agree some sort of common ground and cease fire. I’d assume both sides have had enough, particularly the civilians on both sides, mother’s/wives of Ukrainian soldiers, lack of Ukraine funds to continue and also the families living in the separatist regions - aside from the tragic loss of life, of over 2500 people.

I am hopeful Russia is serious about this and that a ceasefire will take place. This would be a blessing for us all, especially for those suffering in the Ukraine.

But why is he drawing up the ceasefire terms in a conflict he isn’t involved in?

In a televised statement, Putin spelled out a seven-point plan for ending hostilities in eastern Ukraine, where Russian-backed separatists scored significant gains l

That means it up to Putin?

Because Putin’s no doubt talked to both parties and is acting as mediator. The cease fire was announced by the Ukrainian president this morning, not Russia. Neither side can do it by themselves, they need a broker. As Putin has met the Ukrainian President a few weeks ago and discussed peace talks and I would expect that the separatists should also listen to him - he’s the best man for the job.

No doubt and there’s no doubt there will be no peace till Putin gets what he wants. What do you think he wants?

I am hopeful Russia is serious about this and that a ceasefire will take place. This would be a blessing for us all, especially for those suffering in the Ukraine. FollowChrist34

Stock markets jumped on first reports of an agreement, but later eased back slightly. By early afternoon in Europe, Russia’s MICEX benchmark was up 2.7 percent, while the ruble rose 1.4 percent against the U.S. dollar.

Obama said it was too early to tell what the announcement meant. He noted previous unsuccessful attempts and questioned whether the separatists would abide by any cease-fire.
“We haven’t seen a lot of follow-up on so-called announced cease-fires,” Obama said. “Having said that, if in fact Russia is prepared to stop financing, arming, training, in many cases joining with Russian troops activities in Ukraine and is serious about a political settlement, that is something we all hope for.”

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