Obama scores rare environmental victory at Supreme Court


A key part of the Obama administration’s green policies received surprisingly strong Supreme Court support on Tuesday over efforts to curb air pollution.

A 6-2 majority of justices issued a decision upholding federal agency rules to control coal-fired power plant emissions from 28 states.

It was a rare environmental victory in a conservative majority court that has in recent years generally sided against the federal government’s nationwide clean air policies.

The issue was complex – whether an “upwind” state that is polluting a “downwind” state is free of any obligations under the so-called Good Neighbor provision, unless and until federal regulators have quantified the upwind state’s contribution to downwind state’s air pollution problems.

A great victory for the environment.


This is good news.


Well, under the Administrative Procedure Act, agencies are given a lot of deference to make regulations by Congress, and it’s a check and balance that most courts take seriously regardless of their politics or who appointed them.

I’m disappointed at the undertones implied that conservatives would automatically against something like this just because they are conservative and therefore must be anti-environment.

From what I have seen, these cases often boil down to whether or not an agency acted out of bounds and didn’t do something Congress did not intend.


Who was it who started the EPA again? Musta been one if those liberal presidents, like *Richard Nixon. *


You mean for the environmentalists. Without coal the industrial age will come to an end and many millions of people, without access to natural gas will just freeze in the Winter.

Yes indeede, if the environmentalists have their way, only they and the animals and the vegetation will be left. The rest of us who survive will be forced to migrate back and forth with the seasons. We are just a few elections from the jungle.



2 more years of this nonsense then we can start putting people break to work again.


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