Obama Secretly Meets Jessica Alba, Other Young Actors

Wow, really Mr Barack Obama? Is this what you turn to when you’re desperate? Really? Don’t make me laugh.



Does anyone else find this incredibly tacky? Or is it just me?

I find the entire fashion industry vacuuous so. . . .

Celebrities are not going to help 18% of young people out of work find a job.

It just seems like he’s counting on people’s stupidity in order to get votes. I mean, what kind of credibility do people like Ian Somerhalder and Dianna Agron have? They are young actors in Vampire Diaries and Glee. Is Obama counting on young people voting for him because their favorite characters from a TV show support him? Because it’s the cool, hip thing to do? It just seems unprofessional and silly, but perhaps it’s just me

President Barack Obama concluded his two-day fundraising trip to Los Angeles by having a private meeting in Beverly Hills with 25 of the most successful young celebrities in Hollywood, urging them to get involved in his re-election effort.

When did “privately” become “secretly” (wow, what biased headlining) and how *secret *could it be if it’s all over the internet?


You think Republicans don’t meet privately with possible campaign contributors while on the trail? Every day.

^^^ one of my favorites, but there’s a LOT more where that came from

It’s not much different now than before, really. Remember during his initial campaign the huge endorsement from Oprah and doing a dance on the Ellen show, among other things? What else is he going to run on?.. Of course he’s counting on people’s stupidity. He was elected as a pop culture sensation and now he’s trying to get help from other pop culture sensations. Birds of a feather and all that.

Ugh, don’t remind me. We are doomed.

This is what all our leaders do. They kiss the hands of the swells in exchange for money, favors, and connections. Democrats favor corporate and Hollywood. Republicans favor corporate and, well, billionaires. Actually, both sides favor corporate and billionaires. It’s a wash. Just remember that neither side really represents you.

Asides from courting young celebrities, he’s also going for homosexualists. Not surprising at the very least.

I found this video which was about the 2008 election:

I think that sums it all up pretty well.

“Homosexualists?” Is it in the urban dictionary?

No, but it has been used by pro-family and pro-life activists for people who promote and/or support the homosexual lobby.

homosexualists- love that word.

I see. Sort of like “feminazi.” Just make up some word to try and create in people’s minds a group they can denigrate that doesn’t actually exist.

It’s kinda like this thread: use a red flag word to make people think something sneaky is going on when nothing at all unusual is going on to trash the President.

This thread and your post have decided me. I’m going make sure I am registered and vote for Obama. It might not matter, but it will make me feel better.

I do not toss words like that to denigrate people. Also, I never invented that term. It has been floating around for quite some time.

It’s a lot better than saying “gay rights activist” since saying that would put the Catholic side of any discussion regarding homosexuality into a very bad place.

It’s in the Merriam-Webster Dictionary, and it has found wide use, therefore ‘homosexualist’ may not have yet found its way into the Oxford and Cambridge English Dictionaries it is quickly becoming an accepted word within the English vocabulary. Let’s not bash a user because they use a word that YOU don’t consider proper, yet it has found its way into the English language that just shows you consider yourself to be a final authority on the English language and not reception of a word into the language to be the authority.

So you would vote for Obama because some spin, and because a poster can use a word that you don’t consider proper… there may be more wrong here then you first thought.

If I didn’t know any better I would say that this person supports Obama and the homosexuals…

If you want to vote for Obama, that is, of course your right 100% and no one should give you a hard time about it.

However, I do wish people would vote based on who they genuinely feel will be the best for our country (given the facts) rather than out of anger from some random internet person’s thread. :shrug:

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